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Decrease in the European indexes has weakened the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange

the Share auctions in Europe on September, 28th have opened decrease in leading indexes that became continuation of dynamics observed the day before and on Tuesday morning on the American and Asian platforms, and has been partly caused by the revived fears of investors concerning a situation with debts of the peripheral countries of an eurozone. Rating agency Standard &Poor `s (S &P) has warned that can continue to reduce credit ratings of Ireland if expenses of the state on re-structuring of problem bank Anglo Irish Bank come nearer to earlier called mark in 35 mlrd euro. In the market it is rumored that Dublin can address for the help to the European stabilisation fund.

the past trading day was rather poor on the macroeconomic statistics, and on Tuesday investors watched closely new portion of the data from Europe and the USA. Gross national product of Great Britain in II quarter 2010. Under the definitive data, in comparison with the last quarter has grown on 1,2 %. The news service has informed On it referring to National bureau of statistics of the country. Analysts also predicted that the given indicator will raise on 1,2 %. In annual calculation of gross national product of Great Britain in II quarter 2010. Has grown on 1,7 %. In I quarter 2010. Gross national product of Great Britain, under the reconsidered data, in relation to IV quarter 2009. Has grown on 0,4 % (earlier it was informed on growth on 0,3 %), and concerning I quarter 2009. Has shown decrease on 0,3 % (earlier it was informed on decrease on 0,2 %).

In II quarter 2010. Manufacture in sector of services of Great Britain, under the definitive data, has increased by 0,6 % in comparison with the last quarter (earlier was informed on growth on 0,7 %), and in industrial branches - on 1 % (as well as it was informed earlier).

In comments to the published indicators the statistical service of Great Britain notices that growth of gross national product of the country in quarter calculation has appeared the highest since I quarter 2001. At the same time, a record of II quarter 1963. Growth of the State expenditure, increased in II quarter 2010 has been beaten by rates of increase of release in building branches (+9,5 %), and. On 1,0 %, it has appeared the highest since IV quarter 2008.

the Index of consumer trust in Germany in October 2010. In relation to September 2010. 4,9 points will grow and will make. Such data contains in the forecast of research institute GfK published on Tuesday. Analysts expected that value of an index will make 4,2 points. In September 2010. Index GfK, under the reconsidered data, has made 4,3 points whereas, according to earlier published data, the indicator made 4,1 points.

At 18:00 the September data of an index of consumer trust in the USA, counted Conference Board Moscow time will be published. Analysts predict that the index will decrease to 52 points in comparison with 53,5 points last month.

leaders of decrease at the European session on Tuesday are actions of the French manufacturer of tyres Michelin which at opening have lost 8,3 % of the price. Sale of papers Michelin has begun after announcement of the company of intention to involve 1,2 mlrd euro by means of release of new actions. Securities of Netherlands chemical company Akzo Nobel have fallen in price on 4,3 % after management Akzo has promised to increase dividends this year only by 5 eurocents whereas investors counted on more generous payments.

As of 14:00 Moscow time the British index FTSE 100 has gone down 0,81 % - to 5528,25 points, French CAC 40 - on 0,74 %, to a mark 3738,43 points, German DAX - on 0,47 %, to 6249,39 points, Swiss SMI - on 0,53 % - to 6305,19 points.

the auctions Russian ADR on LSE have begun sharp decrease in quotations which proceeded about an hour. Then index FTSE Russia IOB tracing change of the prices Russian depozitarnyh of the receipts, has made an attempt the growth, appeared not too successful, however to win back a part of losses it was possible. More confident growth has begun after two hours. To the middle of day the negative in dynamics Russian ADR prevailed.

by 14:00 Moscow time the most appreciable growth following papers showed growth:

on LSE following papers showed the Most appreciable decrease in quotations:

Against the negative beginning of the auctions in Europe the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has shown decrease. However after an hour under the influence of dynamics FTSE Russia IOB, the Russian index has made an attempt the growth, interrupting with failures downwards.

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