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The market of a rouble debt: quotations have continued to slip downwards

Quotations of the majority of liquid bonds have finished the auctions on Tuesday, on September, 28th 2010., in a minus to that promoted as reduction of liquidity from - for the tax period, and essential volume of offers of new releases in the primary market. According to FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange, index CBI CP on the end of trading session has decreased on 0,02 items of the item - to 95,71 points, the index of municipal bonds MBI CP has fallen to 0,03 items of the item - to 99,51 points. Index RGBI on the end of trading session has made 132,08 points.

payment of excises and NDPI has the day before led to expected reduction of level of free liquidity in bank system. The volume of means on corresponding accounts and Central Bank deposits has decreased on 86,6 mlrd rbl. and has made 1019,8 mlrd rbl. on September, 28th there was a profit tax payment. Possibly, since Wednesday it is possible to expect returning of rates MBK to habitual levels.

According to department external and public relations of Bank of Russia, the board of directors of Bank of Russia has made decision to leave on September, 28th without change level of the rate of refinancing and interest rates on operations of Bank of Russia. This decision is accepted taking into account tendencies in dynamics of the basic macroeconomic indicators and a situation in the internal financial markets. The Central Bank decision has been expected by the market, therefore has not rendered influence on quotations of debt papers.

from interesting events of day it is necessary to allocate Yury Luzhkov`s discharge from a post of the mayor of Moscow. The service of credit ratings Standard and Poor`s has declared that this fact does not render immediate influence on ratings of Moscow (VVV/ Stable/-). However Standard and Poor`s can undertake rating actions if after management change the debt policy of a city financial and especially weighed at the moment considerably changes, it is told in a press - release S &P.

On FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchanges have passed calculations with buyers of bonds of Krasnodar territory (VV/ -/ VV) series in 03 volume 4 mlrd rbl. By results of gathering of demands the emitter has established the coupon at level of 8,3 % annual that corresponds to profitableness to repayment in four years in 8,37 %. As a whole emitters in the primary market do not reduce activity. So, it became known that on September, 30th the Nizhniy Novgorod region (In +/ Fitch) opens the book of demands on placing of five years` amortisation bonds. Besides, in the middle of October bank East Express train can place 5 - j release of bonds in volume 2 mlrd rbl.

On Wednesday the Ministry of Finance will spend auctions on sale of two releases of federal loan bond for a total sum 20 mlrd rbl. face value. Volume of the offer of new release of federal loan bond - 25070 with repayment on September, 28th 2011. Will make 10 mlrd rbl. offer Volume dorazmeshchaemoj federal loan bond series - 26202 with repayment on December, 17th 2014. Too it is equal 10 mlrd rbl.
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