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Forex: the dollar will continue to type weight

Euro at the morning auctions on Forex on Wednesday, on September, 28th, there are 1,355 dollars Participants of the market basically from outside watch situation development in Europe.

Greece toughens the taxation

Perhaps, the prime minister - the minister of Greece Georgios Papandreu became the main newsmaker of Tuesday. He has declared that the country has potential and can meet debt crisis. The politician has presented the program of the structural reforms spent by Greece within the limits of reduction of budgetary deficiency in exchange for reception of the help from the international creditors.

as has noted G.Papandreu, Athenes borrows, but all will return transfers Associated Press. I can guarantee that Greece is ready to carry out undertaken. I promise that Greece will shortly return to economic growth and prosperity, having overcome the pain period - has declared G.Papandreu. It also has expressed confidence that the Greek people can overcome the difficulties connected with the program of rigid economy, despite all morbidity of conditions.

and later, in the evening the parliament of Greece has approved amendments to the country tax laws, concerning introductions of the tax to real estate. As representatives of the authorities have informed, unpopular among the population the initiative has been approved by 154 deputies of party in power Vsegrechesky socialist movement . Thus, the new measure has met with necessary approval of the majority in the Greek parliament numbering 300 places.

as it is specified, period of validity of the given measure will make four years. The authorities of Greece expect to receive from tax introduction nearby 2 mlrd euro in treasury for budget stabilisation. The taken measures have caused euphoria in the share markets and raw materials, but not on Forex, and it speaks about the general weakness of euro - players not so trust this currency.

Politicians do not have not enough consent

We heard that the European politicians but while concrete they have not made anything should make much, the main strategist under the Asian actions and derivativam Mf Global Peter Lewis ascertains. As he said, to politicians follows, in - the first, to spend rekapitalizatsiju bank system, in - the second, to provide Italy and Spain access to the capital markets, and in - the third, to understand with Greece. there are no technical obstacles that all it to make, and it is enough money. All obstacles - purely political. Any person is not allocated by the power to speak on behalf of all European institutes - ETSB, Eurocommission, the national governments. And between them there is no consent. I think, rally in the markets is caused by hope that politicians have at least realised gravity of a situation. I am afraid, investors will soon be disappointed - strengthening of dollar and falling of actions and the prices for the raw goods will proceed - the expert has informed Bloomberg.


If the prices for raw materials will go downwards, it can painfully strike on raw currencies, for example Canadian dollar. We will consider pair US dollar/ Canadian dollar from the technical point of view:

On the schedule of pair US dollar/ Canadian dollar the figure " was generated razvorotnaja; a double bottom after quotations have made a start from a mark 0,945 (1). Last week the powerful line of resistance at level 1 Canadian dollar for American (2) has been punched, and, seemingly, easing of currency of Canada will proceed. In intermediate term prospect it can remain in a corridor 1 - 1,065 (2 - 3), however further the pair is capable to leave still above - to a mark 1,11 Canadian dollars. (4).

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