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Day Forex: ETSB has supported an euro exchange rate

On Wednesday, 28 sentbrja, the euro polzuete demand and to 13: 00 has reached Moscow time a point 1,36 dollars the Reason of growth for the European currency news from Europe have served.

the statistics from France has set the fashion to the auctions

Since the morning tone of the auction has set the statistican from France. Gross national product of this country for II quarter 2011., under the definitive data, in comparison with the last quarter has not changed. On it has informed National statistical bureau of country Insee. Analysts also expected that in quarter calculation the given indicator will not change. Earlier also it was informed that gross national product of France, according to the preliminary data, for II quarter has not changed. For I quarter 2011. Country gross national product has grown on 0,9 % in quarter calculation (earlier it was informed on growth on 1 %).

Thus, II quarter for the leading EU country has passed in vain. National economy growth was slowed down, while growth of a debt is not present. Also it is next Call for financiers. Nevertheless, news has already been won earlier back also special influence for euro has not rendered.

ETSB does not plan to reduce the rate

the Main news there were messages that the European central bank (ETSB) does not plan to reduce interest rates at the following session which will take place on October, 6th of this year Such position the president of bank Jean - Claude Trishe has expressed, having noticed that ETSB is the reliable support providing stability and confidence during restless time transfers Reuters. At the same time the head of the organisation also has added that ETSB never undertook actions concerning interest rates according to in advance certain program.

after two increases of interest rates to level of 1,5 % in April and July of this year management ETSB has let know that the further increase is not expected yet. It has given to some experts the grounds to believe about preparing fall of the rate. In particular, the International currency fund (IMF) has declared that will support bank in case of decrease in interest rates, despite delay of rates of economic growth in an eurozone. We will notice that the following session ETSB becomes the last for ZH - K.Trishe. In the end of October of this year the post of the president of bank will occupy Mario of the Drag who heads at present the Central Bank of Italy.

as a whole the situation for euro while develops safely. Nevertheless, the sharpness of problems though has decreased, but the base under eurozone crisis remains. And a question here at all at a rate of debts, and in absence of economic growth in the European Union (EU). It is a fundamental question and while it will not be resolved, in Europe no funds of rescue can return trust to an eurozone. By the way, euro falling can make economy of EU of more competitive. But for current head ETSB, on - visible, stability of an euro exchange rate is defining. All can change with arrival of Mario of the Drag.

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