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Premarket the USA: American bulls are ready to continue purchases

At opening of the share auctions in the USA on September, 28th 2011. Increase of leading indexes against a number of important news is expected. Pressure upon quotations will be rendered by messages in the European press that some countries demand from private creditors to agree on the big write-offs under the Greek state bonds. Besides, on Wednesday the European central bank (ETSB) has informed that does not plan to reduce interest rates at the following session which will pass on October, 6th 2011. ETSB has discredited thereby hopes of investors that the credit organisation can go on such measures on purpose to stimulate region economy.

the attention of participants of the market is chained on September, 28th to performance of the chairman of Eurocommission Jose Manuela Barroso which has informed that the higher executive office of the European Union has prepared the bill providing introduction of the tax to financial transactions. The tax to financial transactions has been offered as means fair distribution of financial loading from negative consequences of global crisis . It is the first attempt to order all corresponding gathering within the limits of one universal system.

at the same time in the USA the macroeconomic data which can make considerable impact on movement of quotations will be published. So, at 16:30 Moscow time the country Ministry of Trade (US Department of Commerce) will inform on volume of orders for the goods of long using in August 2011. Later the Department of Energy (US Department of Energy, DOE) will publish the report on commercial stocks of crude oil in the USA from September, 17 till September, 23rd 2011. We will notice that the data of last American department can be reflected in dynamics of quotations of American oil and gas companies ExxonMobil, Chevron and ConocoPhillips, strongly depending on the prices for oil which are in turn subject to influence of the data on stocks.

Certain interest for participants of stock market will be represented by corporate news. Thereupon it is necessary to note especially the consulting company Accenture which has published earlier quarter financial results which have surpassed forecasts of analysts.

as of 15:30 Moscow time quotations of futures on index Dow Jones have raised on 67 points (+0,6 %), on index S & P - on 6 points (+0,51 %), on index NASDAQ - on 10,75 points (+0,48 %).

On Tuesday the American stock market showed very good gain, but could not keep it to the full - towards the end of day there has passed a wave of active sales. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to wait for a turn of the outlined growing trend - futures for the American indexes on Wednesday again grow, and the size of this gain promises return of index S & P to level of opening of preceding session. And there it is already possible to struggle for an exit to a mark of 1200 points and above. Time at the American players still is - fiscal year can be finished, considerably having reduced losses of the landslide termination of summer 2011.

the data about volume of orders for the goods of long using will be the Most important macroeconomic statistics of environment, and after strong figures for July investors should concern their very small gain easy - in the last two days the indicator did not grow strongly following the results of two months on end. Well and that the long-term trend of volume of orders is directed downwards is not a secret, postcrisis restoration on a pent-up demand wave has come to the end in the beginning of the past year. Till the end of day it will be interesting to see to storm of marks of 1190 and 1200 points on index S & P. The Russian index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange before reception of accurate signals about intention of the American market to rise considerably above, most likely, remains within the limits of the generated narrow range 1370 - 1390 points.

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