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Trustfulness of women knows no limit

the Naive Indian woman has believed to the deceiver who has promised it decent compensation from the state if she gives birth to 25 children. And here already more than 20 - ti years the unfortunate woman gives birth and Sonkali Kushiram gives birth
and her husband have fallen victims of a cruel deceit. Many years ago, in day of their wedding, the stranger has approached to the young and has told that if Sonkali will give birth to 25 children the state will pay her a great sum of money. Spouses, to the to misfortune, have believed At the moment family lives in remote village Biharipur, together with the 22 - mja children.
the most interesting consists that inhabitants of this village have believed in a myth about monetary indemnification for 25 children and have decided that they are worse nothing. As a result in a far small village live 5000 persons, and practically in each family of not less than ten children. The state is not going to pay naturally, any indemnification. The mysterious stranger was whom, and what for he has promised Sonkali money for children, remains to unknown persons.