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Love letters already in the past

In Great Britain there passes competition on a writing of love letters. According to organizers, in the modern world the epistolary genre nezasluzhenno is deprived by attention, and enamoured all use this art for expression of the feelings less often.
for the first time similar competition has been organised last year in the USA. Now and in Great Britain under the direction of Henry Zimanda talents on a writing of love messages are searched.
“presently people make terse electronic messages and short texts. And art a writing of love letters is simply forgotten. It seems to me that it is awful”, - tells Henry Zimand.
Competition is devoted memory of the wife g - on Zimanda the Andes which has died in 2003. Action helps it to store memory of the spouse.
under the statement of organizers, the set of texts is already received. Most successful of them will be selected jury and sent to New York. Competition summarising will take place in the same place on the Valentine`s day, and romantic walk on horse crew in the most beautiful places of a city becomes an award for the winner.
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