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Man`s weakness from mind?

women suspected it in the millenia. But now scientists have definitively proved: representatives of a strong half cannot show simultaneously miracles of intelligence and to be giants in bed.
let clever men and vysokolobye intellectuals gnash from disappointment teeth, but the fact remains: the nature forces a male to make a painful choice between mental faculties and volume of a seed liquid which they are capable to make. As and for brain activity, and for sperm development the big expenses of energy are required, the organism of the man cannot provide high quality both that, and another, scientists confirm.
to such unfavourable conclusion experts of University Sirakuz (state of New York) after the analysis of features of a structure of bats have come. It has appeared that these animals - ideal objects for studying. It is known that for females of some kinds of bats illegibility in communications is characteristic. And so, under the influence of natural selection, at males of these kinds during evolution have developed jaichki simply huge sizes. For comparison: if monkeys depending on a kind have jaichki in weight from 0,2 to 0,75 percent from weight of a body bats can brag of 8,5 percent. The nature has made it with the purpose young or weaker individuals could compete to stronger applicants for ladies` favour.
however for so costly present bats have paid by the mental faculties. Scientists have found out that males of those kinds which females differ fidelity to the partners, have considerably bolshy the size of a brain.
scientists from University Sirakuz explain this phenomenon by means of the hypothesis developed by them a valuable fabric . As for an organism escalating of a brain fabric - metabolicheski expensive process, any changes in the sizes of a brain can be accompanied kompensatornymi by changes in others valuable fabrics - doctor Scott Pitnik in magazine Proceedings of the Royal Society B writes: Biological Letters. Researchers believe that this theory quite explains found out in bats spermo - a brain exchange.
concerning a small brain has been found out in males of those kinds which females poligamny, - the scientist writes. - but at the same time man`s disorder of communications has no evolutionary influence on the sizes of a brain .
Despite so unfavourable opening, to intellectuals early to lose courage. If debate on navjazshemu in teeth to a question whether has the size value already have practically ceased, dispute quality against quantity only inflames.
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