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The inhabitant of India became for the first time mum in 70 years

the Inhabitant of India, 70 - summer Radzho Devi one week ago for the first time became mum. Despite old age of the woman which, probably, has broken an age record among for the first time giving birth, the baby was born healthy and feels well, the radio station " informs; Echo Moscow .
At Radzho Devi it is the first child who managed to be conceived by means of artificial insemination. 50 years Radzho and it 72 - the summer spouse could not get children from - for barrenesses, however doctors managed to help to pair.
childbirth has passed in the Indian state of Haryana. The child has lived in a womb of mother seven months, but on light has appeared healthy, having made happy the elderly parents. The father of the kid has told that is madly glad, having added that the old age is not an occasion to anxiety for destiny of the child. In case of illness or death of parents about it, according to family tradition, relatives will take care.
By the way, it any more the first extreme childbirth in India lately. In July of this year 70 - the summer woman has brought into the world the twins conceived also by means of artificial insemination. In 2006 of twins has given birth 66 - the summer inhabitant of Spain.