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Scientists: Level IQ influences quality of man`s sperm

Quality of sperm which is developed by the man, depends not only on it conducts what way of life, but also from I.Q. As has shown the research spent by scientists from Britain, there is an obvious communication between quality of a seed and IQ the person.
scientists spent the experiences on the sperm collected at the American soldiers, participating in confrontations in Vietnam and Korea. As has shown the research which results have been published in magazine Intelligence, men, whose level IQ was above others, had the most healthy sperm.
earlier scientific assumed that level of intellectual development of the man can influence quality of sperm, however the reason for it considered ability of an individual to make a choice towards a healthy way of life: not to smoke, go in for sports and use as less as possible some alcohol. However this time scientists have drawn deeper conclusions.
That fact that it is possible to see constant interrelation between intelligence and quality of sperm at adult men, in a greater degree speaks about joint development of a brain and jaichek at the child who is in a womb of mother, and how these both bodies function in the subsequent life, rather than that the hobby sudoku can stimulate sperm development - the expert on artificial insemination doctor Alan Pejsi has noted.
Nevertheless the scientist has added that the difference as sperm at men with different intelligence all - taki was insufficiently great to have considerable vlijanenie on life of men.