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To British suggest to meet Christmas exclusive bread

unusually expensive bread, which one loaf costs 15 pounds sterling (about 22,5 US dollars), left in sale in Britain, having appeared on regiments of well-known London department store Narrod`s. Bread from qualitative and expensive components became the most expensive in all Great Britain.
it costs ten times more expensively usual bread. According to representatives Harrod`s, despite financial crisis, the novelty should cause a great interest in those who wants to see on a Christmas table something especial. let there will be a recession, but give to them there is a bread, - the founder of a magnificent product, baker Pol Hollivud has told. - I know that in the world financial crisis, and bread always was considered as the cheapest product in the market. But this bread - fantastic, best of everything that I when - or did .
According to the baker, its creation can be compared with rolls - rojsom In the world of cars. The baker used the roquefort cheese bought from the French farmers at the price of 15 pounds for kg, the flour of the premium processed on a special mill in Wiltshire, and also other high-quality components excluding any artificial food additives.
the national association of professional bakers of Britain (National Association of Master Bakers) officially recognised this bread the most expensive in the country. demand for bread such promptly grows: the basis on ferment became very popular recently. Each baker not only wants to sell such bread. I am assured that it hardly restrains, that it not to try, as taste actually surprising - the president of Association Chris Bini has told.