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In space have found out UFO in size with a planet. Video

the Mysterious object noticed in pictures of the star sky which have been made by telescope NASA, has drawn attention of tens thousand persons and has forced ufologists to start talking worldwide about huge UFO.
as writes Daily Mail, the given subject has been found out on a photo which has embodied koronalnye Sun emissions in area Merkurija. During the moment when solar flashes reach Merkurija, near to it there is a neolearnt shone object of the extended form in size with this planet.
on the basis of made NASA pictures video loaded into the Internet has been mounted. By this time it have seen already over 100 thousand users. The person who has laid out videorecording under a pseudonym siniXster notices that this object is very similar to the spaceship which has been well disguised.
However, scientists NASA deny a hypothesis that the shone object near Merkurija can be the ship - the newcomer. According to experts, in our Solar systems there is no other reasonable civilisation, except earth dwellers. And mysterious object in pictures - result of not enough qualitative processing of images.
it became known after the analysis of a photo and video in Military - sea research laboratory of the USA. Engineer Natan Rich has explained that so-called the spaceship - actually only the photo of Merkurija made a day before it.
that solar flash was more distinctly visible in pictures, on the photo which has fixed this phenomenon, have imposed another, made a day before it, in the same area of space. Thus objects which could repeat - stars and planets - have been cleaned from pictures by experts. However images of planets in pictures not so - that are easy for cleaning, unlike stars. On a photo there are traces of these planets which start to be shone on the processed image.
this hypothesis has confirmed also astronomer NASA, doctor Hizer Cooper. it cannot be the spaceship in size with Merkury at all because Merkury in size with our Moon, and we already would know about presence of such object at Solar system - has declared the expert.