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Scientists: Sex changes a brain

Japanese scientists have found out that sex can change a brain, influencing its structure. As writes Daily Mail, researchers from university Sajtamy have revealed such phenomenon during supervision over rats.
scientists have compared two groups of rodents - males - one of them was made by virgins, and others already had an experience of sexual contacts. As a result researchers have found out that the quantity of the special shoots connecting nejrony, at the second group was much more low, than at the first.
differently, sex changes structure of a brain of virgins, and it is a question only of males. As to females earlier during former researches to them gave the preparations, braking development of shoots nejronov. As a result interest of these animals to sex decreased.
the Scientist from university Sajtamy Shindzhi Tsukahara considers that reduction of number of shoots can be caused a number of the reasons, in particular the hormonal changes provoked by intimate contact to a female.
the American neurologist Stewart Tobet believes that such influence of sex on a brain can take place not only at rats, but also at other animals, and also at the person. Earlier its other colleagues from the USA gave to experimental rodents the big doses of sexual hormones which increased quantity of shoots nejronov in a brain and did their more susceptible to an opposite sex.
employees of university of California consider that creation of a preparation which will increase quantity of these shoots in a brain is in the long term possible, stimulating sexuality and without influencing thus hormonal level. Such preparations can be accepted bravely and to people.