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Queen Victoria have represented naked and pregnant...

in Derby the scandalous statue of the English queen Victoria who have named the whole epoch is exposed. Scandalousness consists that the statue represents bared monarhinju, thus it is covered by a human skin...
the wooden figurine representing queen Victoria, has been created by Polynesian masters in the nineteenth century. It represents the image bared sitting monarhini with royal regalia. The most remarkable detail of this work of art is even not nakedness, and that fact that the figurine is covered by a skin, and, most likely the human. This figure throughout many years pylilas in storehouse of a museum of Derby, and now it is an exposition part Art Gallery`s Curators` which to last till April, 12th.
according to the curator of a museum of Dzhonatana Uollisa, the skin by which the statue is covered, most likely, is human. Usually the skin of animals used for furnish of statues, thicker and rough, and its colour is much more dark. On a statue covering a time, characteristic for a human skin is visible.
Polynesian masters never saw queen Victoria and badly to itself represented, as looks British monarhinja. Therefore they represented the queen according to the canon - the ruler should symbolise abundance and fertility, and also health. Therefore the queen have made bared, pyshnogrudoj and the pregnant woman, - but with the British royal regalia that looked plausibly.
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