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To save the life, the taxi driver has rammed the police car

the Brazilian taxi driver whom passengers of its car have attacked, appeared robbers, during such dangerous moment has not become puzzled and could call to the aid police , vrezavshis in a patrol car.
Wilson Sebastjan Barosso, the taxi driver from the Brazilian city the Dignity - Paulu, did not expect anything bad when two young men have sat down by it in a cabin. But when the car has moved from the parking, one of passengers has suddenly put a pistol to a head of the stunned driver and has demanded to give all gain. Fortunately Barosso, at this time by them the police car passed. The driver has not become puzzled and, abruptly having turned a wheel, has directed the taxi directly on policemen. Gangsters, having thought, the taxi driver tries to make what exactly, have tried to shoot it, but, fortunately, the pistol has not worked, and Barosso safely ran into the police car. Robbers have been arrested and preprovozhdeny there where they and need to be. On the taxi driver have not imposed any collectings as the failure caused by it has saved to it life and has helped to arrest criminals.