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Saab 900 becomes ashes. For the sake of art

the Inhabitant of London is going to destroy all property for the sake of art. Within the limits of an exhibition which will pass next week, Michael Lendi will transform the almost property into ashes.
about 7000 subjects of a life, including the car Saab 900 will be destroyed for the sake of the fine. In the end of this unforgettable show Michael at Michael remains only its cat by name of the Mouse, and also loved Dzhillian Vearing. All last year Michael made the complete list of the property that nothing to forget. From this list old socks and favourite David Bowie`s disks have not taken cover even. All these things will be placed on the special conveyor, and then ten assistants will start to crush Michael`s property. As a result all to address in protogenic ashes. Lendi asserts that its show has for an object to show an otioseness konsjumerizma, that is potrebitelstva.
to Destruction to turn up not only use subjects, such as food processors, and other subjects house was. A dust should become and invaluable works of art. Thus, the artist wants to show that for it all things have absolutely identical value, without dependence from the value attributed by it by public consciousness.