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The baby at the left - mum is easier

the British scientists have found an explanation to why mums, rocking to sleep on hands of children, prefer to hold them at the left. It appears, the reason for that is feature of a brain.
during the research scientists from University Sasseksa have found out that eight of ten women prefer to sing lullabies to the child, holding it at the left (provided that they right-handed persons). Scientists are assured that mums subconsciously choose this position because it helps to react to changes of a look of the child most quickly. The position choice at the left directly is connected with the right half of brain which is responsible for emotions, and as it has appeared, for processing of the information on persons.
earlier the fact of position of the child at the left spoke hands position of a head of the child or calming action of parent palpitation. This opening allows to assume that the brain structure does optimum position of the child at the left for perception of its condition - the author of research the doctor Victoria Born speaks.
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