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Budget incomes have almost caught up with expenses

Monitoring/ the state finance
the Ministry of Finance has brought preliminary results of execution of the federal budget in January - April of current year. Incomes for first four months have made 4,07 trln rbl. (34,5 % of the annual task, one year ago for the same period have been collected 3,34 trln rbl.). Expenses have reached 4,13 trln rbl. (33 % of the task, one year ago - 3,21 trln rbl.) . As a result following the results of first third of 2012 insignificant deficiency of state treasury at a rate of 60 mlrd rbl., or 0,3 % of gross national product is fixed. One year ago in January - April the situation from the point of view of equation of the budget looked hardly better: then there was a proficiency 134 mlrd rbl., or 0,9 % of gross national product.

we will notice that just today the State Duma should approve in the first reading of the amendment to the law on the budget - 2012, reflecting fresh macroeconomic expectations of the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economics. In a new wording the budgetary plan deficiency in 2012 is reduced from earlier confirmed 1,5 % to symbolical 0,1 % of gross national product, or 68 mlrd the rbl. On a plan of the Ministry of Finance will occur it because oil in 2012 will cost on the average $115 for barrel instead of before expected $100. It is remarkable that while these amendments went on instances, the markets have a little disappointed officials. The price for oil has given, and now for the Russian grade Urals give an order of $110 for barrel.

the Ministry of Economics, which oil forecasts, as it is known, chronically do not come true, has already hastened to secure itself: on Monday a deputy head of department Andrey Klepach recognised that the mid-annual indicator of the price of oil can appear and slightly more low $115 from which new edition of the budget accepted by Duma members is calculated. However, the Ministry of Finance knowing accuracy of forecasts of Ministry of Economics, dopdohody, the prices of oil appearing from revision, is not going to spend. Under the project of amendments to the law on the budget of 90 % of these additional means it will be started up on a covering of deficiency of state treasury and only 10 % it will be directed on new, basically social, expenses.

in April in comparison with the last months have grown up both not oil and gas, and oil and gas incomes. The federal tax service in January - April, 2012 has collected 1,73 trln rbl. (the annual plan for third of year is executed on 36 %) against 1,42 trln rbl. year before. Gathering of Federal customs service following the results of four months have made 1,97 trln rbl. (one year ago - 1,63 trln rbl.). Customs officers have executed the annual plan on 32 %. However, these indicators of performance of the task will soon change: after acceptance of amendments to the law on the budget - 2012 Ministry of Finance will lower to departments new reference points under incomes.