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Driving energised

the First TVs, cellular telephones — all of them looked to present measures silly, worked badly, and cost indecently expensively. The first electromobile of Mitsubishi officially on sale in Russia i - MiEV small, close, costs to 1,8 million rbl. and on one gymnastics passes only one hundred kilometres. But it any more a prototype, not an exhibition copy, and the serial car.

the car from the future
My friend, the big fan of electronic novelties as - that was got to itself by the new camera. This was, as a matter of fact, “ a soap tray “ though and not absolutely usual: bulky enough, heavy, slow and very expensive. The accumulator sufficed absolutely for a short while, pictures left mediocre, and to print them anybody did not undertake. But the film was not necessary to the new camera, images registered on three-inch a diskette. Business was in 1998, it was one of the first nonprofessional digital cameras. Everyone who learnt, how many costs this camera, with astonishment whistled and twisted a finger at a temple.

about the same reaction I observed, when told the interested about Mitsubishi i - MiEV. The real stock of a course of the first serial electromobile - about 100 km, is charged it almost eight hours, costs - 1,8 million rbl. Last figure operated on interlocutors excitingly: “ For this plastic korobchonku almost two million?! Yes to whom it is necessary! “ further followed transfer of marks and models of quite serious cars which can be bought for this money.

basically I agree. However as - that would not be desirable to assimilate to the driver, which oplevyvaet petrol crews. Suddenly will come to me when - nibud descendants, will stick into a nose I wash a note and will tell: the grandfather whom you all - taki were the fool, could not make out the future...

to make out the future, looking at Mitsubishi i - MiEV, not simply. The body of a test copy is covered by a mirror film. If to get accustomed, it is found out that the up-to-date innovative electromobile of Mitsubishi i - MiEV outwardly differs nothing from known since 2006 petrol a compact - Mitsubishi penalty i, on sale on the Japanese and European market of cheap five-door similarity Smart Fortwo. From technical features of the car - the engine which is settling down under a trunk floor, and raznovelikie the wheels carried practically on corners of a body. From features of design - sensation as if you look at the car through a wide-angle objective.

in Mitsubishi i - MiEV Spartan asceticism triumphs. Materials the most plain, design and ergonomics in style “ I blinded it from this that was “. Cowl which at all a cowl, and the cover of a compartment with the accumulator for a food of onboard electronics (the basic battery is under a floor), a tank of a washer, brake system and a conditioner radiator, opens from a passenger place. That is from, where at Japanese the driver`s. Right ljuchok a petrol tank, that is, of course, zarjadnogo port for the usual electric system, opens button pressing at the left on the forward panel. Left ljuchok, there, where the port for stations of fast gymnastics, opens rychazhkom under a driver`s seat.

on the instrument panel reminding the display of any children`s electronic toy, the colour scale ekonomajzera, some alarm bulbs - inscriptions and monochrome liquid crystal indexes of speed, a current charge of the battery and the remained stock of a course is presented.

for entertainments and rest of the driver and passengers in standard Mitsubishi i - MiEV two folding coasters and 12 - the volt socket are provided. The multimedia centre with navigation and support Bluetooth is not included into the price, it needs to be ordered separately for 50 thousand rbl. But enter the electric conditioner, it a heater, electric steklopodemniki and electric developing mirrors. SHtorki the luggage space is not present, the spare wheel is not present, buttons on a wheel are not present, adjustment of a corner and a departure of a steering column is not present. All adjustments of plain seats - mechanical.

Mitsubishi roof i - MiEV high enough, in the rest it is not necessary to speak about open space: here especially you will not collapse in an armchair if you want not to jam to death the back passenger.

in a luggage carrier in volume of 227 l easily were located the charger applied on the car, an umbrella and the coil 20 - the metre extension piece - in case the socket will appear far.

from the socket to the socket
Affinity and availability of the socket - the main problem for the owner of harmless Mitsubishi i - MiEV. It would seem, sockets in a city full - yes not to everyone you will stick. Even in a court yard of native edition it was necessary to stretch specially a cable and to make the socket.

length of a cable of the charger - only five metres, and the device heavy enough. That it did not dangle on weight, keeping only on a plug, it is necessary or to put the socket on the earth that in case of a rain threatens with short circuit, or to fix all economy a wire or a string to any hook.

Besides, to Mitsubishi i - MiEV, standing on gymnastics, just right to put the soldier with a gun. Quantity of the citizens involved with a kind of the brilliant machine and wishing it to consider, touch and pull for sticking out zarjadnyj a cord, even in protected editorial territory was other-wordly.

special zarjadnyh stations in Moscow now 28, but not all of them work, and the most important thing - not all from them allow to charge the car quickly. For today in a city only three stations the express train - gymnastics of a direct current of standard CHAdeMO, allowing to be charged for 15 - 20 minutes. At other stations it is required to stay till eight o`clock if the battery is completely discharged. Thus, the way on an innovative electromobile should be counted not taking into account presence of accessible sockets, but also taking into account time which near the socket should be spent. In my case it there was a way from edition on a summer residence and next day back.

the manager of the company “ Rolf “ the electromobile giving out to me, has fairly warned at once that passport 160 km of run on one gymnastics can be overcome only under perfect conditions. Run is influenced by all - from the working conditioner or a heater to a lay of land and a wind direction. According to the manager, to a summer residence in 70 km from a city I should reach garantirovanno. But just in case I have taken an interest in an arrangement of a towing eye.

In a test trip I also planned to grasp with myself household invertornyj the generator if something happens to stand and be charged. But my generator has not sustained test by gymnastics. Calculated on the maximum loading in 2,7 kw, it maintained connection to Mitsubishi i - MiEV only half-minute, and then was switched off from an overload. The car demanded more - 3,5 kw, therefore instead of the generator it was necessary to take with itself photographer Dmitry Lebedev by the car with a towing cable. The electromobile possessing ability rekuperirovat energy on descents and at braking, at towage, in my opinion, too should be charged.

eventually I have made trial run where - that on third of necessary distance and back. I can not tell that I very much liked sensations from a trip. It approximately how to go with the burning bulb, signalling that gasoline has almost ended and to know that refuelling still far. In other Mitsubishi i - MiEV not strongly differs from the usual car: the same pedals, the same selector AKPP though no transmission at an electromobile is present, are only a reducer. It seems that simply you go on small, very silent and not to especially quick car.

electric trains
Besides the usual function are cheaper - to carry one - two passengers on a city on small distances - Mitsubishi i - MiEV can be used also as a training apparatus for the drivers, wishing to learn to go economically. Anything so does not discipline the person at the wheel, as thawing at each pressing not a pedal of an accelerator a stock of a course of the car. On usual cars of it you do not feel.

economically to move on Mitsubishi i - MiEV, it is necessary to observe set of conditions. In - the first, it is necessary not to use whenever possible the conditioner or a heater, it takes away a battery charge. Radio, headlights and other onboard electronics eat from the separate accumulator and a course stock do not influence.

in - the second, it is not necessary to be accelerated sharply. The arrow ekonomajzera should not leave whenever possible green sector of a scale, and it means that driving will be smooth, and dynamics languid. And, of course, any hobbies for speed: where - that 80 - 90 km/ ch, any more do not cost, if want to pass further.

and, in - the third, it is necessary to count in advance each maneuver and its consequences for a battery charge. You want to overtake - overtake under a hill when for acceleration it is not necessary to press strongly on a pedal. On descents be not accelerated without need, release an accelerator, give to the car rekuperirovat an energy part, it will add to run kilometre - another. If descent is followed at once by lifting, speed up, overcome lifting straight off, almost without touching an accelerator.

all it transforms driving on a habitual route into similarity of game. Nonsense that radio why - that has refused to work already in 20 km from a city, had no time for radio, there was a struggle for each kilometre of run. In the beginning of a way the navigator showed that to the purpose of 87 km, and the computer informed that the charge will suffice on 133 km, in the course of movement these figures repeatedly changed rather each other that only added passion.

in general, we have reached to the purpose without towage. And even have made a hook of kilometres in thirty to photograph an electromobile against electric substation. For two kilometres before turn to country sites indicators showed that the battery is completely discharged, and possible run - 0 km, but the car all the same moved. When we already drove to settlement, on priborke the image cherepashki has lighted up: the car has passed in an economic mode at which speed is limited 40 km/ ch, but all the same we went. And a stop business is not has reached a blackout: I have rested against garage gate where there was a saving socket. The general run from gymnastics to gymnastics has made 124 km.

the electromobile interesting, periodically including the pump of compulsory liquid cooling of the battery Was charged. Through an hour and a half indicator showed third of charge, through three with polovonoj hour - hardly there is more than half, in five hours - a total charge though the bulb on the charger still burnt. If to increase five hours by 3,5 kw, and result to multiply by 3 rbl. 88 copeck of the day tariff in our settlement it will turn out that the trip of 124 km has managed in the extent in 67 rbl. 90 copeck And if I was charged at night when for 1źĀņ ask 1 rbl. 34 copeck the way on a summer residence would cost only 23 rbl. 10 copeck - by an electric train for such money will not overcome also a road quarter.

certainly, it is clear that this economy is not necessary the nerves spent in a way, and inconveniences with which the gymnastics are connected. About cost of Mitsubishi i - MiEV too it is better not to remember if to speak about economy. But, at least, at owners of 60 electromobiles already sold by dealers, including Department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment of Moscow, bought 10 Mitsubishis i - MiEV for work of ecological inspectors in especially protected natural territories, is though any argument in favour of such purchase.

eventually, innovations at us loves not only Dmitry Medvedev. That my companion that has bought 14 years ago the digital camera at the price of two tens usual, gave reason for the purchase at all economy reasons on a film. I think, as i - MiEV he now would buy Mitsubishi, be at it money.

Mitsubishi i - MiEV
Dimensions, length/ width/ height (mm) 3475/ 1475/ 1610

the Drive Back

the Engine, type the Electromotor

the Volume () Is not present

Capacity (l. With.) 67

transmission the Reducer

the Price from (thousand rbl.) 1799