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Natural the Internet - an economy

to Feed the with seven natural products - business good. And to feed with them set of families, having adjusted through the Internet - shop delivery of production of farmers - partners, - also profitable. In it of the correspondent Money Alexey Bojarsky the working day of the co-owner has convinced the Internet - shop Directly from a farm .

the General director and the basic shareholder of the company Directly from a farm (www. sferm. ru) Andrey Mashuk carries a children`s bicycle for a wheel. this my hobby - everything, than I am engaged in a leisure hours - Andrey laughs and specifies on karapuza three - four years. Together with Andrey, his son Nikita and wife Julia we walk along pond coast in Troitsk situated near Moscow. The person of the wife of the businessman seems to us with the photographer to acquaintances. And it is exact, we it saw earlier - on the TV. She is Julia Egorov, which together with construction superintendent San Sanychem conducts transfer Repair school on TNT.


we drink tea with cakes in cafe where specially for children the nature corner is arranged. the idea of business on sale of fresh farmer products at me has appeared, when the son was born, - Andrey tells. - I have unexpectedly noticed that in shop it is almost impossible to buy anything fresh and natural to feed the child . However from the further conversation it becomes clear that idea of business not result of sudden inspiration. Andrey for a long time in pishchevke : has passed a way from the sales representative of the distribution company delivering to supermarkets, to the head maslozhirovogo directions Rusagro one of large manufacturers. Andrey has begun trade in farmer products in the end of 2010, having invested together with partners more than $3 million


we Sit down in Andrey`s claret Porsche Cayenne, we head in a city Zhukov of the Kaluga region - in a farm of one of suppliers. to find suppliers, I reeled up four months a spiral round Moscow, all leaving, - Andrey remembers. - at the moment of start on July, 15th, 2011 our Internet - the shop offered one hundred positions which delivered 15 - 20 farmers and small manufactures. Now we work with two and a half in hundreds economy, commodity positions already almost 500 . Mashuk assures that on a recoupment of current expenses the project left already in the beginning of 2012, and now a monthly turn - already 30 - 35 million rbl., net profit 10 - 20 %. Ambitious plans - to leave in five years on a turn of an order 8 mlrd rbl. a year.

Trade in harmless meal always seemed business perspective, but journalists of business mass-media know that many long years attempts to open oflajnovye shops of natural products failed, and the Internet - shops could not leave on how many - nibud serious volumes. Andrey Mashuk first too thought about oflajn - trade and even has opened two shops, but has quickly understood that it is necessary to do the rate on the Internet. From approximately 60 operating in Moscow and Moscow suburbs the Internet - the shops positioning as specialising on sale of non-polluting and fresh products, those, on its supervision, are only 3 - 4. The majority two times a week carry out delivery, being simple secondhand dealers. And deliver production from personal part-time farms for which on 3 - 5 cows even the veterinary surgeon hardly is available. And the prices at them are strongly overestimated (beef - 900 - 1200 rbl. for kg, milk - 150 - 180 rbl. For litre) that hardly it is possible to justify expenses on naturalnost - is faster greed. Andrey assumes that its company takes today the first place in the market, repeatedly advancing competitors on a turn. It oflajn - shops too do not stand idle, allowing to lay out at once on a counter the goods bought from the farmer which have not ordered through a site.


At gate molokozavoda ZHukovomoloko to us smiles broadly and strong the thickset man of years 55 - Michael Savinov, the largest farmer of area presses hands. At it not only this molokozavod, but also delivering milk the cattle-breeding enterprise which has also own forage reserve. It gives the chance to supervise quality of end production since a stage of crops of a clover. now here under its requirements, - Michael Viktorovich nods on Andrey, - we pass from aluminium capacities to a stainless steel . According to Andrey, its company guaranteeing stable purchases, - the desired partner for the majority of farmers. But not all are ready to be arranged under requirements to quality of production and the schedule of deliveries. From suppliers with whom began, there was only half. Andrey remembers, as with Michael Viktorovichem they too long got used. Savinov at first took offence that to it from Directly from a farm the checking can appear suddenly without the prevention. But now cooperation leaves on new level - Savinov specially under Andrey`s company has started to plant meat bull-calves. Actually, the purpose of today`s visit - to look at preparation of new meat base at the Internet - shop. We sit down on cars - and in fields.


Unlike many economy where cows from a shed do not deduce, here free vypas, - Andrey nods on grazed cows. - taste of milk depends on it. In the winter when cows only occasionally deduced, we felt at once a difference . Michael Savinov notices, as in teljatnike bull-calves contain not in a rigid stall, and in open-air cages where can move, - meat will be tasty.

- Polugodki? - Andrey asks, fingering a hand a label - a brand on an ear of the bull-calfe.

- yes, six - eight months. By new year already will be meat in yours the Internet - shop, - Savinov nods.


Having passed by fields and proinspektirovav landing of fodder grasses, we turn off behind Savinov`s car on wood road. On glasses and body Cayenne whip branches. Once even we catch on a cowl the fallen dead wood. it is my working car, - Andrey answers my question, whether it is a pity to drive such car on potholes. - and to go to farmers is too my work . Andrey notices that Michael Viktorovich very hospitable owner and will by all means treat us with a dinner, and will pour, and as we with the photographer not at the wheel, it is impossible to refuse: will take offence. We leave on the big picturesque glade near to a pond. Savinov`s driver gets from a luggage carrier a box with provisions. On an oilcloth there are fresh-salted cucumbers, a herring with onions, boiled kartoshechka in fennel, pechenka - all from own economy. There are also piles and a large bottle with something too house, 60 - gradusnym. The first toast - for agriculture and trade in the natural products, following - for prosperity of the owner, the third - for preservation of country traditions... As this world becomes fine and the earth Russian is rich with talents! But sincere atmosphere does not prevent to discuss seriously to us, than the farmer differs from the peasant and from the agroindustrialist.

The grandmother with three cows, selling in the market milk, is a mistress of a part-time farm, but not farms, - Andrey explains. - we understand the owner of the enterprise on whom quality assurance is adjusted as the farmer, there is a veterinary supervision. Basic difference of a farm from agroholding in that, as the farmer, and its children eat every day own production. Michael Viktorovich - just from such .

After a dinner Andrey changes clothes, takes from a luggage carrier a fishing tackle. very much I love fishing, - it shares, nasazhivaja a worm. - every year in May I go in Sochi to catch and eat barabulku . By the way, this and one more next pond too belong to Savinov - there is a thought to adjust cultivation of fish.


Leaving Zhukov, we stop under a brick before rural street escaping downwards. On foot we go down to a spring with a superstructure in the form of a small chapel - a local sacred source. Andrey, coming to Zhukov, each time stops to drink here waters.


On the way to Moscow we call in to Troitsk - Andrey takes away Nikita on employment in local horse club. The meeting with a pony begins with feeding of an animal by carrot and an apple. our goods, - having intercepted my sight, Andrey explains. - speak, equal, how import in a supermarket? No, we grew without nitrates, were stored without processing by wax. Our acceptance there passes frequently only a quarter from brought .


It is approached on a building of the former supermarket on jugo - the east of Moscow where on 1100 sq. m have settled down logistical knot, industrial shops and office with koll - the centre. By Andrey`s estimations, on the average the prices in their Internet - shop above the supermarket prices on similar positions of all on 10 - 15 %, thus at the order from 2 thousand rbl. delivery free. At us today the best logistics, than at somebody, - it is proud Andrey declares. - a period of storage of the majority of our products five days. Here at us it is stored nothing more than several hours. If our competitors accept orders some days before delivery date, we orders for tomorrow we accept to two o`clock in the morning. The industrial complex is capable to overwork 1,5 - 2 thousand orders a day .

we Rise in hot shop where prepare own production. On plates for tasting pastes are laid out. Daily the three of the appointed tasters supposes meal to delivery. Today it is the general director, executive and the director on IT. And what the such? - Andrey notices our surprise. - it is not necessary to be the expert, the main thing - to estimate from position of usual people which will eat it . According to Andrey, he from - for continuous tastings on some times in day has recovered on 15 kg. From ten positions of the remark only to two pork pastes - with vegetables and with garlic: there is no salt.

on a wall of shop of cutting of meat the order: the senior changes are obliged to check all workers alkotesterom as in the work beginning, and in the end. Business clear: butchers - men, in shop the cool is supported, and the snack attracts.

my friend, the client sferm. ru, praises their sausages for zharki and a barbecue. I do not miss a case proinspektirovat from what them prepare. On manufacture of sausage and sausages from monoforcemeat on the basis of a soya, ground giblets and skins earlier already it was necessary to me to admire . Here I am pleasantly surprised: forcemeat twist from kotletnogo meat - the slices which have remained after razveshivanija of fillet edge.


Andrey looks through the letters which have collected for a day. here the manager koll - the centre reports, - Andrey nods on the text on the screen. - today the client has complained of the driver - the forwarding agent: Already the second time extorts tip. The driver is already dismissed . In general in its story about word business to supervise to check to deprive of the award repeat continuously. Of the driver awards if he calls to the client, for example, can deprive and informs that will bring before term. Packers of orders also the award are responsible for a crushed box or a beaten apple. we accept any claim of the client and we compensate additional discounts - just from the sum of not spent bonus fund, - Andrey tells. - the complaint once has come: have brought a worm-eaten head of cabbage. Certainly, this superfluous proof of cleanliness of a product - a worm does not live in nitrates. But it is clear: it is the miscalculation komplektovshchika. To the client have written that all we will replace and we will allow a discount for the new order, and further the operator has automatically added: the Worm have fined . By the way, today`s infinite day of Andrey is not casual: It the director on duty. It appears, for the sake of additional quality assurance someone from five top - managers remains every day approximately till six mornings, last order of delivery will not be packed yet.


- As you look at opening point of reception of empties? - Andrey to chief executive Pavel who has appeared in the doorway of an office addresses.

- we will grow rich!

- is not present, I am serious. - Andrey takes a firm glass dairy bottle from a shelf. - we pass from a plastic bottle to expensive glass. On delivery the new order we will accept an empty bottle and to return mortgaging cost. We will actually reduce the milk price.

further Pavel and Andrey discuss possibility to enter service the express train - deliveries - within three hours from the moment of order reception. Such anybody yet does not offer. But still it is necessary to think: Probably, if to start service, bypassing stoppers it is necessary to send the pedestrian couriers with bags - refrigerators on manual carts. Then Andrey includes a projector and highlights on a wall an advertising banner - outdoor advertising on lines in the nearest plans. Andrey thumbs through also banners of last campaigns with the smiling children eating production Directly from a farm . One of them - his son Nikita. It appears, other children - too children of employees. on a site there is a section Our children eat our products - tells Mashuk. - There really our children and our goods .