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With a pyramidal bias

As it became known „“, in the near future management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on the Ural federal district (UrFO) will solve a question on a direction in court of criminal case concerning businessman Alexey Kalinichenko. It is accused of creation of financial pyramid Global Gaming Expo and plunder nearby 1 mlrd roubles at more than 4 thousand investors in 2006. Within several years it disappeared in the different countries of Europe, in 2011 was ekstradirovan to Ekaterinburg. Protection of the accused insists on the criminal case termination, specifying that the businessman has been stolen by the Russian authorities in Morocco.
under data „“, in management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on UrFO materials of criminal case concerning the Ekaterinburg businessman Alexey Kalinichenko accused on ch have arrived. 4. Item 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Swindle “) . “ Probably, till the end of a month the question on the statement of the bill of particulars and transfer of business in court " will be solved; - the interlocutor „“, familiar with an investigation course has informed on the condition of anonymity. Officially on this information yesterday in supervising department did not begin to make comments. Also have refused comments in GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs on UrFO who was engaged in a legal investigation.

we will remind, criminal case concerning mister Kalinichenko has been raised by inspectors GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs on UrFO in 2006 when financial pyramid Global Gaming Expo organised by it has ceased to pay off with investors. Under the version of the investigation, the businessman has based in the beginning of 2006 two companies - United FX - Traders Group (raised money at investors) and Global Gaming Expo (used money of investors for game in interbank currency market Forex). The companies were engaged in trust management by financial actives of inhabitants of some regions of Russia and foreign countries (all about 4 thousand inhabitants of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sverdlovsk and Yaroslavl areas, Krasnodar territory, and also Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Israel and Kazakhstan). Under the version of the investigation, despite the promise of high percent to investors from game in market Forex, actually mister Kalinichenko only collected means from investors and did not deduce them on the currency market. All payments became at the expense of money of new clients.

after to investors have ceased to pay money, and the trading account trejderskoj to the company it has appeared it is empty, mister Kalinichenko has left for limits of Russia. As a result investigating bodies have put the businessman on the international wanted list. However till 2008 the site of the businessman has not been established, while he was detained by the Italian authorities in the area of the Interpol. Initially court of Verona has refused to the Russian authorities delivery of mister Kalinichenko, but after the long appeal of Russia the permission to export of the businessman has been given. However, by this time mister Kalinichenko has already left Italy, and in courts its interests were represented only by lawyers.

the following time the site of the businessman has been established in 2010 - it has appeared in Kingdom Morocco. Initially State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the lines have begun negotiations about an extradition ekaterinburzhtsa and could secure with the letter of premieres - the minister of Morocco who has resolved transfer of mister Kalinichenko to investigating bodies of Russia. At this time the businessman has made the complaint in the Geneva committee of the United Nations against tortures, challenging legality of an extradition. For the period of consideration of the complaint the committee has asked Kingdom Morocco to suspend an extradition. However even before decision removal under the complaint of businessman Alexey Kalinichenko have transferred to the Russian side, and it was etapirovan to Ekaterinburg. After half a year the Geneva committee of the United Nations recognised that the Kingdom Morocco has broken the Convention against tortures, having resolved an extradition of the businessman. However at this time accusations on a number of episodes of swindle have already been brought to mister Kalinichenko.

according to protection of the businessman, the decision of the Geneva committee of the United Nations gives the grounds completely to stop criminal case concerning Alexey Kalinichenko. “ My client considers, and is quite lawful that it have simply stolen. It automatically leads to that, as the presentation of charge and the collected proofs on business become illegal. And we have already made in all instances of the complaint with the requirement to stop criminal case “ - has explained „“ Alexey Kalinichenko Svetlana Pechenkina`s lawyer. Besides, defenders of founder Global Gaming Expo insist and that in business materials participation of mister Kalinichenko in loss of money is not proved. “ The consequence does not check up arguments that my client really played market Forex and carried out treaty provisions before the investors “ - lawyers consider. According to protection, during the investigation it has not been given estimations to actions of employees “ มเํ๊เ24. ru “ on which accounts there was a considerable part of means of investors. Representatives of protection of the businessman refer that in business materials is that proof that mister Kalinichenko frequently had no possibility to operate money of investors - all transactions were spent under bank control. “ the bank even itself interfered with work of the clients. And in business even there are proofs of wrongful actions of bank about write-off of money from the account of my client “ - madam Pechenkina has noted.

Yesterday in “ มเํ๊24. ru “ to make comments on the version of mister Kalinichenko have refused, having referred to unwillingness to interfere with a course of investigation and infringement of bank secret.