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Market relations

In Joshkar - Ole on the area of Nikonova there has passed a protest action of businessmen in connection with reconstruction of the central market it is offered to them to release floor spaces. Alternatively it suggest to take places in a new building of the market or to move to the market in the street Kirov. Businessmen declare that rent of trading places in a new building is overestimated, and the market on Kirov does not correspond to their requirements. Experts consider that in Joshkar - Ole comes to the end the period tent trade.
on May, 13th on the area of Nikonova in Joshkar - Ole there has passed a joint protest action of regional branch of LDPR and the local businessmen trading in the central market of a city - TTS the Market . In it has taken part an order of 300 persons. According to holding a meeting, administration of the market belonging to Open Company Odis deprives of their workplaces.

in April, 2012 reconstruction TTS " has begun; the Market . The first stage is finished. Openly central building of the market. The second stage of reconstruction will concern places where today there is a shopping centre Shanghai and so-called Lime avenue . By 2013 in the central market will construct an automobile parking. The reconstruction purpose - adjustment of a civilised kind of trade and a withdrawal from trade tent . Investments will make an order of 400 million roubles.

In the beginning of May businessmen have been notified that in connection with the second turn of reconstruction the market by the end of month will be closed. To the businessmen trading in tents under the opened sky on so-called to Lime avenue and in an old one-storeyed building Shanghai it was offered to release the areas in three-day term. On May, 10th dealers have organised the first protest action in which 400 persons have taken part nearby. They have been revolted by that the administration has taken away so short term under clearing of floor spaces. we have brought the goods for a week, have got into debt - has told Milan Gibbadulina, the individual businessman. In the answer the market administration has agreed to prolong term till the end of May. The commercial director of a management company Odis - Real estate Alexey Shajmardanov has informed : We should make dismantle of an operating building Shanghai . Also it is necessary to begin building of second turn TTS the Market and to construct a multilevel parking for visitors and employees. In this connection at us works for May have been planned. But as people are not ready to leave from the market in a short space of time and they still have commodity stocks, we give the chance to them to trade till the end of May .

Mister Shajmardanov has noticed also that the administration of the market will not leave businessmen in a desperate situation. We offer them two variants. It is possible to occupy now already the empty areas of the second floor of already opened new building or to move to trade on other market in the street Kirov (also Open Company being in the property Odis - ) where we will prepare all conditions for trade - mister Shajmardanov has told.

During the new protest action which have passed on Monday, businessmen have declared that cost of rent of trading places on the second floor of a new building is overestimated, and to move to the market on Kirov they do not intend. There there are no conditions - Lyudmila Sviridov has explained the businessman. Its colleague Xenia Smirnova has informed that holding a meeting demand to give equivalent floor spaces. they should be in city centre, near to the central market, after all to us for the goods go not only joshkarolintsy, but also Chuvashs, and Tatars. Having moved to other part of a city, we lose clients from other republics - madam Smirnova considers. Also she has informed that in a new building only 34 places are free. As the member of regional branch of LDPR Cyril Pisnyj has explained , at businessmen does not remain choice, except how to move on the market on Kirov. a variant with moving on the second floor of the new market the expensive, after all the administration has defined the entrance qualification on these places at a rate of 100 thousand roubles plus rent of 1000 roubles for square metre. For individual businessmen it is the unreal sums - mister Pisnyj has informed. Now to us have allowed to trade in the street May Day till May, 31st to sell a warehouse, but on June, 1st we again leave on meeting - madam Smirnova has declared.

According to the economist, political scientist Edward Morozova, market revolt is an end tent a trade kind. The street market undergoes the changes, not many businessmen still realise it and can be arranged under this process. Now trade from a tray leaves regions, there comes an era of more cultural trade. For Mari businessmen this process became painful, after all they do not want anything to change. This situation with the central market will eliminate weak businessmen and will impulse for those who is ready to civilised trade - mister Morozov considers.