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The Ministry of Internal Affairs across Chuvashiya intends to dismiss Vladimir Korobkova on which fault in road accident has suffered five persons

the Deputy chief of department of traffic police UMVD of the Russian Federation on the city of Cheboksary Vladimir Korobkov on which fault in road accident on Sunday five persons have suffered, will be dismissed from law-enforcement bodies, - has declared yesterday on a press - conferences chief UMVD the Russian Federation of Cheboksary Valery Zhukovets. the management Management will occupy the most basic hard line. From us the offer has arrived to direct materials on Korobkova after its treatment to a certifying commission of the ministry for the decision of a question on its further stay in OVD. Certain measures of influence will be applied and to an administrative board of department of traffic police - he has informed. According to mister Zhukovtsa, refusal of mister Korobkova of medical survey becomes the basis for a direction of materials in a certifying commission. At the same time Valery Zhukovets has noticed that legal acknowledgement that Vladimir Korobkov was in an alcohol intoxication, till now is not present. there is such impression that citizens including representatives of mass-media, wait for instant unequivocal reaction. Give all - taki we will operate adequately, consistently, competently and that one of the parties did not have doubts in objectivity of our actions. We will understand and we will make the decision, unequivocally. When this decision will take place, whether there will be it in a week, in a month, but it will be - he has noted. We will remind, the deputy the chief of department of traffic police UMVD of the Russian Federation across Cheboksary Vladimir Korobkov became the participant of road accident in whom has suffered five persons. SOU SKR across Chuvashiya has begun check (see from May, 15th).