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All Greeks, including politicians, are dissatisfied that there will be new elections

All attempts to generate the coalition government in Greece have come to full grief. New elections are appointed to June in the country, president Karolos Papoulias declared. The markets have instantly reacted to news from Greece. The correspondent of RIA News in Athenes Alexey Bogdanovsky has discussed a situation with leader Anna Kazakovoj and an economic observer FM Konstantin Maksimovym.
And. K: What speak? Why it was not possible to agree today?

And. B.: It is a question that for the first time, maybe, for many years besides dim ideological distinctions, the party has real absolutely contradictions on the concrete policy how to conduct a policy in the future, and these distinctions occur round, whether it is necessary and how to observe the agreement from EU, IMF about credits in exchange for which Greece undertakes to spend rigid reductions of expenses. And so, parties which oppose these agreements, have typed about 70 % of voices and have received almost half of places in parliament, but they are very strongly separated. There is both communists, and neo-fascists and consequently they cannot create a coalition.

at the same time two unique centrist parties which supported this policy earlier, they have received voices in 2,5 times less, than on last elections. And though thanks to features of local proportional system they have received all on two voices less, than the majority, nevertheless, it has not sufficed, and loss on elections has not allowed them to try to generate the government independently.

And. K: And what reaction what has occurred today, at simple Greeks?

And. B.: All are dissatisfied that there will be new elections, beginning from politicians, finishing simple Greeks. Greeks - voters the word have told, they have made the protest against the spent policy and have let know that do not agree with the further reduction of expenses which hold a fifth year the country in a vice of economic recession successively.

but on the other hand, even if Greeks even more serious is not present to this policy will tell in a month, all depends on them because the country, of course, can declare a default on the external debts, but it is fraught with an exit from an eurozone. It is necessary that Europe was defined with how much it is ready to weaken this vice and if is not present, whether that it is ready to cope with possible unpredictable consequences for Greece and for it.

And. K: And salt, Greeks already in connection with latest developments have started to buy matches? To be bought?

And. B.: and matches yet do not buy Salt, though which - who has filled to itself(himself) in the end of April tanks which are used for heating in the house. Promise that if the policy of a so-called three of creditors will proceed, this kerosene which is used for heating in each house separately, - there are such tanks where it is poured, - it will rise in price for 40 %. It has already risen in price almost twice. Thus, if to you heating managed, for example, in 1,5 thousand a year, for a season in a year it will be 2,5 thousand At Greeks, of course, money such is not present, therefore they try though as - that to save.

And. To: for That in general wait more, what succession of events? An exit from an eurozone all - taki?

And. B.: Greeks as shows poll, have such division. On the one hand 80 % are supported by to remain in an eurozone and thus 70 % have voted to accepting the reductions connected with it. In what degree it is possible to reconcile these two inconsistent opinions - the big question. It is obvious, as - that can be reconciled in the event that Europe will decide that is necessary, as I already spoke, to weaken a vice concerning Greece if it appears possible. If is not present, the contradiction seems unsoluble and then if Greece leaves an eurozone it is waited for a long time already by the forgotten troubles of national currency, such as a galloping inflation, dorogivizna all import products and economic recession without existence prospects in the strong currency union.

And. K: the economic observer now joins our conversation FM Konstantin Maksimov.

To. M: Alexey, good evening. I wanted to take an interest, opinions sound different from leaders of the various parties, whether one call hardly to make a choice between free Greece and Merkel. In average weight all - taki Greeks are inclined to trust whose voice?

And. B.: It is a question of very rare fragmentation of the Greek voice. In parliament have appeared not only communists who always there were which said that it is necessary to leave as soon as possible EU and an eurozone then we will begin to live. But there there have passed moderate nationalists who say that it is necessary to declare immediately a default, because all these debts, they are necessary to bad bankers who on us speculate. There are, for example, neo-fascists who say that all troubles from immigrants and it is necessary to mine as soon as possible border with Turkey. There are left populists, party SIRIZA which has refused to participate now in the government and their head of the federal list of Manolis Glezos, that that has broken when - that nazi banner from the Acropolis, he, for example, suggests to impose compulsorily with pledge of all who earns more 20 thousand and to collect from Germany trillion - another of indemnifications for war. And, of course, in these conditions the voter is a little bit disoriented also a voice fragmentirovan. They are now inclined to trust fairy tales.