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The daughter will help

In the near future Open Society “ MTS - bank “ (the former IBRD) will unite from Open Society “ Far East commercial bank “aa?y¬«?áàíê“ “. The integration Principal cause names plans on reorientation of business of bank group of MTS aside roznitsy. Meanwhile MTS - bank keeps negative profitability of the capital. Whether experts merge for parent structure a compulsory measure or a strategy part disagrees, is. However, the new player can increase a competition in region, analysts mark.
yesterday shareholders of Open Society “ MTS - bank “ and Open Society “ Far East commercial bank “aa?y¬«?áàíê“ “ at extraordinary meeting in Khabarovsk have made the decision on merge of credit institutions. Association which should come to the end in 2013, becomes precedent for region: earlier Far East banks were only got by larger colleagues from the central Russia. The holder of 75 % of actions of Dalkombanka is MTS - bank, still an order of 25 % of actions owns AFK “ System “ (the basic shareholder of MTS - bank). As informed earlier in a press - MTS service - bank, reorganisation and a complex rebrending of bank are spent within the limits of the strategy of development of credit institution accepted in last year till 2016. To this term, according to board plans, “ the parity of corporate and retail service of MTS - bank should reach level of 50 % on 50 % “. With joining of Dalkombanka under a brand “ MTS - bank “ all bank regional network will be united. The zone of presence of incorporated bank will coincide practically with borders of Russia and will cover territory from Kaliningrad to Southern - Sahalinska.

MTS - bank (earlier AKB IBRD) is included into number 30 of leading banks of Russia. Following the results of work for the first quarter 2012 the bank has shown net profit at a rate of more 27 million rbl. MTS - bank is head structure of bank group into which Dalkombank and East - West United Bank (Luxembourg) enter also.

Open Society “ Dalkombank “ - the first commercial bank in the Far East, since 2008 is included into bank group of MTS - bank. The filial network of Dalkombanka includes 70 divisions in eight subjects of Russia: the Amur, Irkutsk, Sakhalin areas, EAO, Seaside, Transbaikalian, Khabarovsk territory and Republic Sakha (Yakutia).

the Decision on merge of banks was accepted last year and is connected with reorientation of bank group of MTS to retail business. “ we leave in commercial operation joint with the company of MTS of the project on realisation of bank products through MTS network “ - the chairman of the board of Open Society " spoke „“ in December, 2011; MTS - bank “ Andrey Shljahovoj.

Meanwhile, according to the Central Bank for April, 1st, a loss of current year at MTS - bank has made 540 million rbl. According to RBC daily, from among the actives of banks of MTS largest on size - the bank remains the unique credit organisation with negative profitability of the capital. Proceeding from the data of Association of regional banks “ Russia “ on the beginning of 2011 at the majority of banks with the capital to 300 million rbl. profitability of the capital was negative in real expression, group economist UK " has explained „“; finam Management “ Alexander Osin.

considering Open Society losses “ MTS - bank “ merge is “ a key variant of decrease in risks fondirovanija, reduction of costs and the prices of services at the expense of expansion of client base “ Alexander Osin believes. As he said, process of merge of bank with “ a daughter “ can generate changes in frameworks “ nishevogo “ business, for example structures of the market of crediting of small and average business. The basic players of the given sector in the Far East are Nomos - Regiobank, branches of banks VTB 24, “ the Renaissance “ and the Savings Bank.

“ even such incorporated credit organisation it will be essential to concede by the financial possibilities to federal banks - to competitors. And they now gradually develop regional expansion. It means that integration process in branch will proceed, including in the Far East “ - the analyst considers. Under forecasts of the expert, in a future rebrending “ Dalkombanka “ it is possible “ certain instability of inflow of contributions “. “ Banks solve the given problem, increasing rates under contributions “ - Alexander Osin has noted.

according to an analyst on bank sector IK “ Veles the Capital “ Yury Kravchenko, joining of Dalkombanka is a strategic course, instead of a compulsory measure for MTS - bank. “ On the size of actives of Dalkombank independently does not enter into a top - 100 of the largest, and the volume of its actives more than in 5 times was less actives of MTS - bank. Merge of balances, certainly, will increase a competition in region from new structure “ - the expert is convinced. He notices that the rebrending should add a positive effect in attraction of new retail clients.

the operational risks connected with merge not only balances of banks, but also various operational procedures can be the negative moment of similar merges. “ Besides, always there are potential risks of balance of the attached organisation, mainly credit as has set an example with Bank of Moscow “ - mister Kravchenko has underlined. However, the effect of size of the credit organisation is capable to affect depreciation of loan and increase in term of attraction of resources that should involve investors, the analyst " believes; Investment cafe “ Ekaterina Kondrashova. Perspectivity of the big bank possessing technology of a financial supermarket, according to the expert, is great enough.