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BrAZ and IrkAZ have increased volumes of release of aluminium

Following the results of the first quarter 2012 Irkutsk aluminium factory (IrkAZ) has increased aluminium volumes of output - a raw by 2,5 % in comparison with an indicator of the similar period of last year. As informs a press - service OK Rusal in January - March on IrkAZe it is let out 100 955 t metal. In connection with increase in a current strength at 3,5 % productivity elektrolizerov a new, fifth series of factory has increased. The volume of release of commodity aluminium on IrkAZe has made 102 864 t (on 2,5 % more than in the first quarter 2011). For three months 2012 by foundry manufacture of IrkAZa it is let out 29 750 t alloys (growth of 2,4 %) and 41 298 t aluminium katanki (growth on 34,6 %). Has increased aluminium volumes of output in the first quarter 2012 and Brotherly aluminium factory (BrAZ) where for three months it is poured out 248 296 t primary aluminium (on 2,5 % of more indicator of 2011). Commodity metal it is made 247 980 t - on 2,3 % more. The volume of release of alloys on BrAZe has made 51 thousand t (increase of 4 %).