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The Osetrovsky port twice will increase transportations

Open Society Osetrovsky river port (Ust - Kut, the Irkutsk region), the largest river port of the country, will increase in 2012 transportation of cargoes in comparison with 2011 on 57 %, to 240 thousand t, transfer - on 43 %, to 900 thousand t, is told in the message rechporta. This year through port Osetrovo on the north of the Irkutsk region and in Republic Yakutia will carry cargoes, in particular, Open Society Surgutneftegaz (develops Talakansky neftegazokondensatnoe a deposit), Open Company Taas - Jurjah Neftegazodobycha (masters Srednebotuobinsky neftegazokondensatnoe a deposit), Open Society Verhnechonskneftegaz (conducts extraction on Verhnechonsky neftegazokondensatnom a deposit). The Osetrovsky river port is located on the left coast of Lena, in 3 500 km from a mouth, in city boundaries of Ust - Kut of the Irkutsk region. Port Osetrovo - Ust - Kut - the largest river port of the country and the unique point of Lensky pool informed with the railway. Operational activity the port carries out on a site of the river Lena in the extent of 1 980 km, from Ust - Kuta to Yakutsk.