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The governor has scarified Novosibirsk political council “ an United Russia “

Yesterday in Novosibirsk conference of regional branch (RO) " has taken place; an United Russia “ which participants have discussed problems RO in 2012. Acting on it, governor Vasily Jurchenko has subjected to the sharp criticism work of supervising structures of branch. “ at us political council - idle body “ - he has declared, having noticed that some members of political council “ never send “ on its session. Thus the governor has reminded that results of elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the Novosibirsk region “ cannot arrange any member of “United Russia“ “. In December, 2011 the party has received here 33,84 % of voices, having outstripped the Communist Party of the Russian Federation only approximately on 3,5 %. “ Today it is necessary to create working conditions “ - the head of region has concluded, speaking about necessity to change political council work. According to site RO, now the political council includes 69 persons, into structure of its presidium - 15. Members of political council are, in particular, governor Jurchenko and the Siberian plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation Victor Tolokonsky. The representatives of management RO interrogated „“, have supported necessity of changes for political council work. “ today it is difficult to understand, who for what direction answers. Into political council structure enter also so-called the VIP. But many of them do not work on the party, some at all were not at one session. I consider that people who have adapted, have stuck to party, should come to a Communist Party organisation and fairly hand over the party membership card “ - the member of presidium, the deputy regional legislative meeting Valery Ilenko has declared. According to a member of political council of Yury Glazychev, today “ political council activity not strukturizirovana “ in its structure it is necessary to create blocks which would be responsible for various directions of party work. Addressing to conferences, g - n Glazychev also has suggested to select members of political council and its secretary ballot on an alternative basis.