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The police has gone on related communications

the Investigatory part of management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on region has filed criminal charges upon swindle from 137,82 million rbl. of state Open Society Rosagrolizing . As consider in department, the company has transferred this money on the basis of fictitious contracts to the firms close to were top - to managers of group Vinogradov businessman Vladimir Vinogradova. Leonid Novitsky, the former deputy head " can become the figurant of business; Rosagrolizinga and the younger brother of madam Skrynnik.
the Official representative of management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Lipetsk region Natalia Maslakova has told yesterday that business is raised upon swindle in especially large size (ch. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). While it is a question of an unstated circle of persons. Business is raised on May, 5th - she has noted. Investigation is conducted by the deputy chief of an investigatory part of management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Khudyakov.

On versions of the investigation, money Rosagrolizinga have been stolen by means of fictitious contracts on delivery of fodder grain. On June, 26th, on July, 6th and 31, 2009 the state company has concluded with registered in the Tula area of Open Company Venus plus three contracts on which the firm was obliged to sell to it some tens thousand tons of grain for 137,82 million rbl. In the same days Rosagrolizing has entered into three more agreements with the Oryol Open Company Pure keys - already on sale of grain from the same warehouse on which it should come from Venus plus for a total sum of 167,39 million rbl. Then, on July, 13th and 23, and also on August, 17th the same year, Venus plus and Rosagrolizing have signed consignment notes about goods reception, it is equal in the same dates similar papers have been signed by a state company and Pure keys . The Oryol firm even has listed Rosagrolizingu 46,1 million rbl. Advance payments.

in police consider that all these transactions passed only on a paper - in a reality no reon sale grain existed. The reference " became a final stage of the scheme taken place soon after carrying out of operation; Pure keys in arbitration court. The firm in court has proved that, despite the signed waybills, some any grain upon has not received and has returned an advance payment back. In the answer Rosagrolizing in October of last year also has addressed in arbitration court, demanding to recognise transactions insignificant and to collect the lost 137,82 million rbl. solidary with Venus plus and Pure keys . Lawyers of a state company asserted in the claim that all transactions about both Open Companies were fictitious and directed exclusively on otem money at Rosagrolizinga . However at first arbitration court of Moscow, and then the Ninth appeal court on the basis of the mentioned waybills and a judgement under the claim Pure keys State companies have refused requirements.

it is remarkable that waybills on received from Venus plus grain from outside Rosagrolizinga the assistant to the general director of that time Leonid Novitsky, the known race driver and the younger brother has signed and. An island of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Elena Skrynnik. By data SPARK - Interfax Venus plus has stopped the activity in June, 2011, and Pure keys are in competitive manufacture since December, 2010. Among founders or heads of both firms one of were a top - managers of the Moscow group " at various times appeared; Vinogradov Sergey Muzalev, and among founders Pure keys - personally the co-owner of holding Vladimir Vinogradov. In Lipetsk police yesterday have not excluded that misters Muzalev and Novitsky can in this or that quality to become figurants of criminal case.

Sergey Muzalev heads now OGUP Lipetsk - the key project of the Lipetsk authorities in agrarian branch. There yesterday on a situation did not make comments. The mobile phone of mister Muzaleva has been switched off. In a press - service of the Ministry of Agriculture to comment on an event yesterday were not ready.

this history can already turn back the large corruption scandal second for present year in which can appear people from the nearest environment are got mixed up and. An island of the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation of Elena Skrynnik. Earlier GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Central federal district has already filed criminal charges concerning the former director of department of external relations and administrative work of the ministry of Oleg Donsky. To it swindle in especially large size with a damage also is incriminated to the state more than on 500 million rbl. ( in detail wrote about it on April, 18th). The mister Don is wanted. By data Parents know about its destiny of nothing even. It is remarkable that business of the mister Don has a considerable Lipetsk trace. The former official - the native of this region, and on business inspectors of a district central board have received a considerable part of the invoice during work in the Lipetsk region.