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In Irkutsk the militiamen who have beaten teenagers have received conditional terms

Nizhneilimsky district court of the Irkutsk region has taken out a verdict of guilty concerning were operupolnomochennyh criminal investigation department of department of internal affairs on Vyacheslav Semin and Sergey Berezhneva`s Nizhneilimsky area, powers of office accused of excess.
as have informed in investigatory management of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Irkutsk region, on November, 18th 2006. In call centre OVD on Nizhneilimsky area the townswoman Zheleznogorsk - Ylym with the statement that it was attacked by unknown persons has addressed and have stolen a bag. According to the victim, the dress patrol - sentry duty delivered in OVD the five minors detained around commission of crime. Trial with them was entrusted on duty operupolnomochennomu to S.Berezhnevu.
In its office office there was also a Century Semin whom, having been drunk, began to demand from one of arrested persons of a recognition in a perfect crime, and having been refused, has beaten it. Thus the victim could not identify in the teenager of the criminal who has attacked it. Beating has joined operupolnomochennyj S.Berezhnev. Later V.Semin has left an office office, and S.Berezhnev has serially got to itself of four more minors and in the same way demanded from them recognitions.
physical injuries of various severity level have been caused all teenagers. The police officer was stopped by that fact that parents of minors already were in building ROVD and complained to the operative person on duty of illegal actions operupolnomochennogo.
This criminal case was investigated originally by Office of Public Prosecutor, and in 2007. It has been transferred in investigatory department on Nizhneilimsky area SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Irkutsk region. During proceeding With. Berezhnev completely recognised the fault. The court has sentenced V.Semin and S.Berezhneva to five and four years of imprisonment is conditional.