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V.Putin will recreate in Moscow the Memorial of glory destroyed in Kutaisi

the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin suggests to recreate the Memorial of glory which has been destroyed in Kutaisi in Moscow. it is necessary, that the authorities of Moscow have found a worthy place for this monument - he has told, acting at session of presidium of the government.
thus the prime minister has expressed confidence that there will be enough people who are ready to bring own means, to put a monument to the Georgians lost in the Great Patriotic War and protecting the general Fatherland .
Thus V.Putin has noticed that founders of a monument are still live and live in Georgia, and has added that considers possible to involve the Moscow experts in realisation of this project. The prime minister has especially underlined that is revolted by monument destruction. It is the next attempt to erase from historical memory of the people of the former USSR memory of the general last, including the heroic past - he has concluded.
we will remind, in September the parliament of Georgia has decided to construct on a place of a memorial to soldiers of the Great Patriotic War a parliament building. After loud actions of opposition in capital of the power of Georgia have decided to transfer parliament from Tbilisi to Kutaisi. It was planned that in Tbilisi will pass only sessions of committees, and plenary sessions - in Kutaisi.
initially a monument were going to dismantle on December, 21st 2009., but explosions have thundered before the planned term, on December, 19th. Safety rules have been thus broken. As a result during dismantle women and its eight-year daughter who have appeared too close to a place of explosion were lost and have been wounded by concrete splinters. In connection with tragedy the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili has ousted the governor of region Imeretia Mihaila Chogovadze.
the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has regarded destruction of the Memorial of glory in Georgia as the certificate of the state vandalism.