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The Irkutsk governor was lost from - for not skilled pilot

helicopter Bell Cause of accident - 407 on which the governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Esipovsky has broken, there was a professional impreparation of the pilot to performance of flights on the given type of the helicopter. (POPPY) is told about it in the message of Interstate aviation committee following the results of investigation.
also as the reason the wrong decision of the commander of the aircraft " is called; on performance not authorised by bodies of the Organization of air traffic of flight, at night, in mountain bezorientirnoj woody district, at height it is considerable below safe for actual flight conditions ď.
Besides, according to the message the POPPY, possible promoting factors were: Non-use zadatchika dangerous height on radiovysotomere, loss by the pilot of spatial orientation on a list from - for insufficient experience of flights by the helicopter with direct indication of angle of bank on a gyrohorizon.
we will remind, on May, 10th 2009„. In 45 km from airdrome of Irkutsk the helicopter has had an accident. As a result of wreck four persons were lost: the governor of the Irkutsk region I.Esipovsky, the first deputy of the chairman of the government of area Michael Shtonda, the security guard of the governor Alexander Shostak and pilot Victor Kunov. Circumstances of their †destruction are investigated by the special commission.
upon helicopter wreck criminal case under item 263 (infringement of safety rules of movement and operation railway, air or a sailing charter) the Criminal code of the Russian Federation is brought.