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B.Obama wants to give citizenship of the USA to children of illegal immigrants

US president Barack Obama will not refuse attempts to insist on adoption of law which will give chance to children of illegal migrants to legalise the position. As representatives of the White house inform, the American president as a whole considers the migratory policy priority for following structure of the congress which will start to work in 2011., transfers Associated Press.
last week republicans have blocked the bill granting the right to some illegal migrants to legalise the position. According to B.Obama, it it is improbably disappointed actions of senators - republicans as considers this bill correct and important from the point of view of economic competitiveness.
head of the White house has specified that the document can benefit and in the field of military readiness, and for protection of the public law and order.
For bill approval, once (in the autumn 2010.) already blocked by senators from Republican Party, there were no only five voices. It was supposed that the given initiative will allow children of the illegal migrants who have arrived to the USA together with parents, to obtain the permit to constant residing in the country if they arrive in college or will go to army.
opponents of the bill assert that it will increase quantity of illegal migrants in the USA.