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Al - Kajeda One of the world`s largest terrorist organisations " wants to poison tsianidom the American products

; Al - Kajeda planned to spray dish poison in hotels and restaurants of the USA. As informs CNN referring to a source in the American government, the same terrorists that in October 2010 were going to carry out this plan. Have dispatched parcels with an explosive by company UPS planes.
According to the Ministry of national safety of the USA, members of the Arabian wing Al - Kajedy gathered to season the American products tsianidom potassium or ritsinom. Nevertheless officials assure that this intention could not outgrow in the ready plan: it was only a part of tactical training of terrorists.
However to secure clients of restaurants and hotels, representatives of special services of the USA have met management of some institutions and have discussed with them possibility of maintenance of inviolability of the products arriving on kitchens. Thus the American authorities assure that it only a reinsurance element. To poison products they compare threats of terrorists to other variants of carrying out of attacks to the peace population which, in particular, are widely discussed on extremist site Inspire.
we Will remind, in November 2010. The Yemen wing Al - Kajedy has declared that will continue sending in the countries of the West of bombs - parcels what have already been found in planes of post services. According to data of terrorists, they spend for manufacturing of each of such parcels about 4 thousand dollars.
Dangerous parcels which, presumably, should blow up in air, have been found out on October, 29th aboard the American post company UPS and an air liner of company Qatar Airways, going of Yemen to New York. Cargoes have been intercepted in London and Dubai as parcels have been sent by transit through these cities.