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The son of the deputy of the State Duma has confessed in murder of the Muscovite

Daniel Ostanin, Nina Ostaninoj`s son, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from party of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and a member of the Duma Committee concerning a family, women and children, has confessed in murder of the inhabitant of Moscow 1976 As informs a press - service SKP of the Russian Federation, the body of the Muscovite was revealed in capital on November, 25th in one of apartments of the house 8 buildings 1 on Isakovsky`s street.
already next day the alleged murderer has been detained without delay in a fast train Moscow - Barnaul at station the Cane in Republic Chuvashiya. During personal inspection of luggage of the arrested person the T-shirt and trousers with traces of brown substance are found out. D.Ostanin has been delivered on November, 27th to Moscow.
during interrogation it has completely pled guilty to a perfect crime and has told, where there is a murder tool. Now D.Ostanin is in custody. SKP has brought in its relation criminal case on p.1 item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - Murder . Accused and its defenders insist that D.Ostanin has made murder in an affect condition in this connection has been appointed is judicial - psychiatric examination.
on the eve of N.Ostanin has confirmed to the correspondent that her son is detained on suspicion in murder of the business partner. it is surprising that I as know nothing mother, and at this time the Kuzbass mass-media, and also separate politicians and public figures make comments on a situation, telling even about any details which are ostensibly known for it - has declared N.Ostanin.
on a question of the correspondent, whether D.Ostanin`s arrest " is; the order from the Kemerovo governor Aman Tuleyev, the deputy has answered: I for the present have not understood itself whose it can be the order, but this version I exclude also I can not. I rejoice only to that everything that happens with my son, have occurred in Moscow, instead of in Kuzbas as in this case I count on professionalism of investigating bodies .