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V.Kolokoltsev: Militiamen even more often try to discredit

the Crime uses any ways and possibilities for weakening of positions of capital militia. Such statement was made at a meeting with inhabitants of Moscow and representatives of public organisations by the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Moscow Vladimir Kolokoltsev.
As he said, the increase in number of attempts " recently is observed; to discredit actions of the police officers who are fairly carrying out the duties .
At the same time V.Kolokoltsev has underlined that the basic criterion of an estimation of activity of heads of different levels there will be a condition of office discipline and legality of actions of their subordinates. my position of principle - to keep off-schedule character of inspection trips on territorial law-enforcement bodies - the chief of capital militia has told.
He has added that decrease in number of the condemned police officers and quantity dorozhno - the transport incidents militiamen became which originators during the current year is observed.
at this V.Kolokoltsev has added that the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow is not going to suppress the corruption facts in law enforcement bodies. if any citizen faces this sort of phenomena, it is enough to type phone 02 - he has declared. According to the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, each reference about dishonest police officers is attentively considered.