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Isa Jamadaev has rescued murderers of the brother from lifelong term

Appeal court of Dubai has changed a sentence to murderers of the commander of the Chechen battalion “ the East “ Sulima Jamadaeva, instead of a life imprisonment having appointed it prison term in 2 years and 3 months. As the newspaper " assumes; Kommersant “ a main role in this event reconciliation of the brother of the victim - Isy Jamadaeva - with the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzanom Kadyrov and refusal of claims to S.Jamadaeva`s murderers has played.
the sentence has been softened to R.Kadyrov`s groom of the Iranian origin of Mahdi Lornii and the citizen of Tajikistan by Maksudzhonu Ismatovu. At session of court the public prosecutor insisted on preservation of lifelong term accused, however the court has considered again opened circumstances - I.Jamadaeva`s statement.
Last has addressed to protection condemned in Dubai and has declared that refuses any claims to accomplices of murder of Sulima Jamadaeva, including from reception of material indemnification for  destruction of the relative. This pardon, obviously, also has played a pivotal role in an outcome of the session which have taken place on Wednesday of court, assumes the edition.
According to the decision accepted by the judge, charge of Mahdi Lornii and Maksudzhonu Ismatovu has been retrained from partnership in murder on illegal shadowing and weapon storage from which the Hero of Russia has been shot in the end of March, 2009 we Promise Jamadaev. As a result the life imprisonment has been reduced till three years of prison term. However year is equal in a Muslim calendar to 9 months, therefore the general term of punishment has made 27 months.
we will remind, M.Lorniju and M.Ismatova have sentenced to a life imprisonment for murder of Sulima Jamadaeva in April 2010ã. After attempt at the former commander of a battalion “ the East “ In search seven have been declared more suspected of participation in murder. Among them there was a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Adam Delimhanov who denies the fault.