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The population of the USA has passed for 300 million persons

the Population of the USA has made 308 million 745 thousand 538 persons. Such data for April, 1st 2010. Has received the American Bureau of population census of the USA (US Census Bureau). The country population has grown on 13,2 % with 90 - h on 2000 - e years. Only the State of Michigan has fixed reduction of quantity of inhabitants over the last 10 years on 0,6 %.
And here Nevada, on the contrary, has appeared the most hospitable staff: its population has increased by 35 %. In leaders also Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Northern and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. There became on 15 - 25 % of more inhabitants. District of Columbia has appeared the most densely populated region of the country.
the USA take the third place in the world on number of inhabitants, conceding only to China and India, and are unique of the West countries where the increase in population is constantly fixed. Moreover, rates of a gain are constantly accelerated. So, 100 million inhabitants have been registered 139 years after declarations of independence from British Empire in 1776. Achievement of the second 100 - a million boundary needed 52 years, the third - 39 years.
under forecasts, a boundary in 400 million population of the USA can reach in 2041. - that is, all for 35 years. By this time serious changes in its structure, namely - sharp increase in inhabitants of the United States with the Latin American roots become appreciable also.
now the population of the Earth is made more than 6,8 mlrd by the person. By calculations of experts, already to 2012. On a planet will live nearby 7 mlrd the person, and to 2050. Population of the Earth will be exceeded 9 mlrd by the person. Besides China, India and the USA, by quantity of the population are included into ten leaders of a planet Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia and Japan. It is more than 100 million persons also live in Mexico.