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The quantity of victims in Krasnoyarsk region has increased in road accident

Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Republic Tyva has published the list of victims in failure in Krasnoyarsk region in which as a result of bus and truck collision 8 persons were lost. Nine victims with traumas of various severity level are taken to hospital. We will remind, earlier it was informed about six victims.
now in regional hospital of Bogotol of Krasnoyarsk region are: Idris Roshetdinov, Edward Erendej, Alexander Kajnov, Andrey Mjachin, Nikolay Orzhak, Julia Suhonosova, Natalia Rusaleeva, Alexander Kovrigin and Elena Varlamov.
we will remind, the major accident has occurred on December, 21st in the disctrict of the city of Bogotola of Krasnoyarsk region on the M highway - 53. Bus KIA Grandbird with 16 passengers has faced lorry Scania.
Under the preliminary information of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, at the bus has jammed the left wheel, from - for it the car has left on an oncoming traffic strip where has faced truck. Upon failure criminal case under article " is brought; Infringement of traffic regulations and operation of vehicles .