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Russian Space Department: Companions GLONASS - M have been insured not completely

Three companions GLONASS - M fallen to Pacific ocean on December, 5th and not put into orbit raketonositelem the Proton - M has not been insured on 100 %. In a course the press - conferences has informed On it zamrukovoditelja Russian Space Department Vitaly Davidov.
companions GLONASS - M have not been insured, as we would like, that is on 100 % - he has declared, without having added, however, for what sum the lost companions have been insured. Earlier in mass-media there was an information as if the hi-tech equipment has been insured all on 5 % from a total cost. Thus, failure can cost Russia some billions dollars.
after the supernumerary situation which have led to loss of three companions of the Russian navigating system, it has been decided to spend a number of additional checks and to postpone the following start of the carrier rocket The union - 2 with the companion GLONASS - To since December, 28th 2010. On 2011.
President Dmitry Medvedev has charged to find the incident reason. With that end in view from employees of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB and FAS Russia, Rospatent, Rosfinnadzora, Rosoboronzakaza has been generated special commission for an establishment of the reason of state of emergency. Based on the results of testing it was possible to establish that failure has occurred from - for incorrectly written formulas in engineering specifications on refuelling razgonnogo the DM block - 3.
Despite loss of three companions, which conclusion to an orbit should finish creation of the Russian navigating system, it will not affect project work as a whole, declared earlier in the Minister of Defence.
Orbital system GLONASS is intended for granting of services of satellite navigation (definition of a site, speed of movement, and also exact time definition) to unlimited number of domestic and foreign users of land, sea, air and space basing. The first companion of system has been put into orbit in 2003.
we Will add that five companions GLONASS can be started next year, however the exact plan of their start is not confirmed yet.
now in an orbit there are 26 companions GLONASS: 20 two work in the usual mode, - at an input stage in the system, four - on regulations.