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The Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow suggests to withdraw cars at bombed

the Head of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev has proposed to take away cars from the private carriers working without registration.
in its opinion, it is necessary not only to take away cars from private traders, but also to discharge of management of a vehicle as the penalty on illegal immigrants does not operate.
purely militian methods to detain the given driver and to make it answerable it is very difficult. All series of measures is necessary, up to withdrawal of a vehicle and discharge of the driver from such private business - V.Kolokoltsev at a meeting with predstaviteldjami the public has told.
in this connection the head of the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has suggested to make corresponding amendments to the Code about administrative infringements.
Now for transportation of passengers without the corresponding permission the penalty from two roubles to five thousand for physical persons, and to 50 thousand roubles for legal persons is provided.
to press illegal taxi drivers of the power of Moscow intended repeatedly, however while it is ineffectual. By the way, practice of struggle against private traders has been extended in the middle of 90 - h but then police officers caught a private trader literally for a hand, sitting down in the car with the request to bring up. However, such practice of struggle against shadow business has not taken any effect.