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The Ministry of culture will soon clear the Internet of pornofilms

the Ministry cultures (Ministry of culture) of the Russian Federation plans to withdraw within several months about the Internet - sites cinema production in which name the hint on the pornographic maintenance contains, the minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Avdeev has informed journalists.
we conduct work that on name signs to get such production and to clean sites - A.Avdeev has explained, having added that many similar films are in the Internet still with 1990 - h years.
as he said, the basic problem consists in razmytosti legislation borders in relation to pornographic production.
we have undertaken, maybe, not legal step: we have ceased to register pornographic film production - A.Avdeev has told. In this connection sharp confrontation between the ministry and manufacturers of such films has begun. Thus from - for indistinct definitions of pornographic production the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation very often loses litigations.
the minister has reminded that attempt to translate such film production in the special list earlier has been undertaken. Full age citizens before to download a film, should confirm on a site of the age, having pressed the corresponding button. However this measure had no results.
we will remind, in December 2010. By results of consideration of representation of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation the culture Ministry has withdrawn 147 rolling certificates on cinema - and the video films containing not standard lexicon, obscene and vulgar expressions of sexual character.