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The Moscow City Council will enter drug enforcement for schoolboys

Moscow City Council initiates carrying out of checks of schoolboys and students on a narcotism, informs a press - service of capital parliament.
on Wednesday in the first reading the Moscow City Council decision " was accepted; About the project of the federal law About modification of separate acts of the Russian Federation regarding questions of maintenance of constitutional laws of citizens on life and health protection, perfection of the mechanism of preventive maintenance of a narcotism, glue sniffing, alcoholism and struggle against them .
According to the deputy of the Moscow municipal duma Michael Moskvin - Tarhanova, the today`s situation with consumption of drugs is close to the catastrophic: in Russia 100 thousand addicts annually dies. Narcotism preventive maintenance, and also its early diagnostics should become today mainstreams in struggle against deadly predilection.
the Essence of the project of the federal law - fastening of possibility of early diagnostics of a narcotism. In a number of federal it is standard - legal certificates it is offered to establish legal grounds for obligatory preliminary (and then periodic) medical inspections at receipt for work of workers of separate trades, manufactures and the organisations which list is established by the authorised body of the government of the Russian Federation.
prophylactic medical examination and physical examinations is offered to be made obligatory and for pupils of educational institutions. Thus it is a question not only of revealing of a beginning narcotism, glue sniffing or alcoholism, but also about infectious, professional, socially significant diseases.
carrying out of corresponding testing will allow to render in due time medical aid by that who needs it. During discussion of the bill deputies had some question and the remarks connected, in particular, with possible restriction of the rights and personal freedoms in case of adoption of law. Till January, 20th amendments then he will be again submitted for consideration Moscow City Council will be made to the document.