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The florist has declared boycott to the high prices for flowers on February, 14th

the Proprietress of flower shop in Vellingtone (New Zealand) in connection with inflated prices of flowers on the Valentine day has declared boycott, having refused to sell in a rose holiday.
Dzhenni Makkafferti (Jeanie McCafferty), the proprietress of flower shop with the romantic name the Following stop - the Earth on February, 14th has hung up on a door of shop the tablet with an inscription saying that she refuses to support commercialisation of Day sacred Valentine, write local mass-media.
besides, the humane florist has declared that in a holiday its shop will not organise delivery of bouquets in offices, explaining it to that too intense day is the big stress for its personnel and couriers.
According to colleagues of Makkafferti, last years the woman sold flowers in Day sacred Valentine, but felt thus confusedly, demanding from buyers too many money. According to the floral artist to price out flowers to owners of shops it is necessary because they are compelled in six or even seven times to overpay to suppliers of roses to have possibility to sell them at this time year.