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On the British TV there was an advertising specially for dogs

In Great Britain there was the first TV advertising which has been removed specially for dogs, radio station Radiotimes transfers.
a Roller stylised under a film the Robbery on - italjanski differs from usual advertising by that as a soundtrack to it whistle, bark, and also the high-frequency sounds inaccessible to a human ear is used. Thus founders of a roller hope to draw attention the dog audience .
Before an exit forage advertising has been tested for a TV screen on 12 dogs who specially distracted from the screen. However house pupils all the same showed interest to a roller tail wagging, and some spectators approached to the screen for more detailed acquaintance. Researchers are assured that interest to a clip with its each new display on TV will increase.
Similar advertising specially for cats has been shown in Great Britain in 1999., then owners of pets informed that their pupils were are chained to screens.