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The bust has rescued a top - model from death

Brazilian a top - the model of Shejla Hershi has escaped in a car accident thanks to the huge breast. As writes Daily Mail, the greatest in the world 38 KKK has worked a breast in the size as a safety pillow.
incident has occurred in American state Texas where lives model. According to the woman, it went on a meeting with the husband and children. S.Hershi felt not very well, complained of dizziness. She has tried to go round a dog who has suddenly appeared on road, but has run away. The car has turned over and ran into a tree.
model life was rescued by its artificial bust - the breast which has got to the Guinness Book of Records has softened blow. 32 - the summer Brazilian has got off only with several bruises.
the woman has connected the dizziness with medical products which to it should be accepted in a considerable quantity. The matter is that in 2010. S.Hershi has lost former silicone implantatov in the size 38 MMM. They should be removed urgently from - for begun infections. The model was depressed also to it have registered energizers. As soon as S.Hershi`s state of health has improved, it has made to herself a new breast - less former.