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The stolen stone has returned to the Acropolis

In territory of the Athenian Acropolis became on a piece of marble more. The matter is that one tourist admitted that davnym - for a long time has stolen badly lying pebble and now returns it in primordial possession.
many years ago the Athenian Acropolis has visited one very greedy to souvenirs the American tourist. In territory of a complex it has noticed rather attractive slice of marble. To resist temptation the tourist not a smog, and the stone has removed to it to a bag. And if not conscience, this souvenir so also decorated a drawing room in Texas, whence this collector comes. But as a result of long meditations the thievish tourist has come to conclusion that it is necessary to return a stone. Also has sent it in the Greek consulate in capital of Texas Houston, accompanying its recognition in a criminal conduct and the request not to hold harm.
according to representatives of consulate, the stone will be returned on the historical native land. However the thievish tourist did not know one feature of marble splinters, in a pleasant disorder scattered on Acropolis territory. Considering love of tourists to a souvenir, the Acropolis administration has cleaned for a long time all historical values from complex territory, having replaced with their plausible enough fakes.