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To Gorbachev have presented Gorbacheviju...

to Michael Gorbachev have presented an unusual gift. In its honour was the rare grade of orchids opened in the far Andes is named.
at the Soviet Union which was the president many good friends. Including botanik Frenk Brandenburg which has decided to thank the friend for all its good deeds. During expedition to the Bolivian Andes, at height about 2500 metres of Frenk has found out a kind of orchids unknown hitherto. Brightly - the red flowers, which stalk in height reaches 20 - ti centimetres, till today had no scientific name. And now they it is proud are called maksilarija gorbachevii in honour of expensive and favourite Michael Sergeevicha.
Gorbachev has the most direct relation to botany. It is the president of the organisation on preservation of the environment Green Cross, the staff - which apartment is in Geneva. In the statement of Frenk Brandenburg has told that Michael Sergeevicha`s contribution to business of protection of environment is very great, and for it is a great honour to give it such modest gift.