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The dismissed employee has thrown colleagues kalom a porcupine

the Person unfairly discharged from office, can reach excessively. And in the fulness of the heart to throw the former colleagues and the heads any muck, for example, laboriously collected excrements of a porcupine...
American James Bil was arranged to work as Shestidesjatidvuhletny on mail and was inexpressibly glad to that fact that it had a work. However the old man happiness lasted not for long - only one week because after the lapse of this time of Mr. Beat have asked to find to itself any other place of work. The reasons on which it did not approach for work on mail, have not been informed it. James Bil has been deceived in the best feelings, and in his head obscured by rage, the fearful vengeance plan has arisen. One fine day former worker of mail was declared on a visit to the colleagues for whom it has prepared a surprise. In his hands there was a small bucket, from which decently podvanivalo. That, however, it is no wonder as not gifts from the house, and the excrement of a porcupine mixed with hearts and other parasites there lay. Having entered into mail building, James Bil began to throw the former colleagues in this weight, revenging them thus for the dismissal.
this incident has become known, and the history about thrown by excrements of a porcupine of postmen became a theme for show on television. After that at victims have not sustained nerves, and they have brought an action against James Bila, demanding the conclusion of this antisocial element under guards. Judges have sided with colleagues of Mr. Beat, and him have condemned for 18 months of imprisonment. Besides it, the offender have obliged to pay the penalty at a rate of 10 000 dollars.
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