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The policeman has appeared object of graffiti

When the rising generation plays pranks and indulges, it is better not to come across to them on a way. Because a little that can confuse modern young men, and it costs nothing to them to paint, say, the present live policeman multi-coloured paints...
group of the London teenagers easy samovyrazhalas, painting from aerosol ballonchikov the cars parked in the street. There was it in southern suburb of London - Vellingtone. Children so were fond of creative process that have not noticed how to them the guard of the law and order who has firmly intended to stop a disgrace has crept. And as a result itself it has appeared a victim of sidewalk artists which have seen in the policeman fine object for a list. Teenagers have attacked the guard of the law and have strongly knocked it on a head to stop possible attempt to resistance. After that young men have connected the imagination and imaginations which has scattered from ballonchikov multi-coloured paints have given vent. As a result the policeman became a certain similarity of a rainbow. To the happiness, he has had time to cause a reinforcement on a portable radio set, and soon on a scene of profit of the colleague of the victim.
the appeared in time guards have detained three teenagers from fourteen till seventeen years. Arrested persons are accused of malicious hooliganism and causing of heavy physical injuries. The suffered policeman is hospitalised, but its condition does not cause fears and is estimated as stable.